woman looking at self in mirror

There are over a thousand things to know about the woman body and a lot of research has also been done about the woman body, with so many interesting discoveries.

Do you think you know it all about your body? These nine facts below might prove you wrong.

1. Bras fit differently on women depending on the different stages of their menstruation cycle.

2. Sometimes, the cramps you experience during your monthly cycle could be a sign of something. In younger women, it could be an excess in the hormone, prostaglandin. While in older women, it could be a sign of fibroid or also polyps.

3. Some women can feel pain when they are ovulating. It’s a pain felt only on one side in the lower abdominal area.

4. Compared to men, women can listen with both sides of their brains. Researchers from the Indiana University of Medicine used fMRI machines to monitor the brains of men and women while they listened to a passage from his John Grisham novel. Most men only showed activity on the left side of the brain that’s typically associated with listening and speech, whereas, some of the women showed activity on the right side of the brain, that’s usually associated with creativity and expressiveness.

5. Yeast infection is very common in women, and it’s estimated that around 75% of women would get one at some point in their lifetime.

6. It’s absolutely normal if you rarely or have never experienced orgasm during sex. Only about 30 percent of women actually experience orgasm during intercourse.

7. The vagina is a self-cleansing organ which has good bacteria that helps keep it clean and fight off infections. All you need is just warm water to wash it. Scented soaps and douche can be potentially harmful to your vagina.

8. Staying hydrated can help keep your vagina lubricated. This could also help give it a milder smell and taste.

9. Women are born with one million immature eggs in their ovaries.

Never stop learning about your body.