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Men get easily tired of a relationship; sometimes it’s not because they want to but because their lady do things that leave them frustrated. Women sometimes are unaware of the fact that certain characters they exhibit would only push their man off the relationship.

One sure thing about a man getting tired of a relationship is that it gradually happens; it builds slowly till the man can’t take it anymore. When a man becomes tired of his lady, he easily gets tired of being with her and hardly anything she does would be pleasing to him.

Alright ladies, it’s time to step into a man’s shoes, know how he thinks and what he hates so you can salvage your relationship.


You would hardly see a man who wouldn’t get tired of a woman that nags. Nagging is the most irritating character any woman can possess. Any woman that nags would definitely find it hard to keep a man. Nagging would gradually push your man out of the house, probably to bars, pubs and even other women.


No man would love to be compared to another man and surprisingly ladies always use this to take a dig at their man. Comparisons are quite frustrating and it passes a message that you think the other man is better than your man. Constantly comparing your man to others would kill the feelings he has for you.


Many women only appreciate big things and complain about or not appreciate the little things her man does. Complains and not being appreciative go hand in hand and this can make a man tired of a woman; if you appreciate a man for what he does, he would see you as an angel but if you don’t, he wouldn’t hesitate to deem you expendable.


Sometimes you need to let your man know your worth; being too clingy is a sign of a woman that’s too dependent on a man. Sometimes men need their space and when you are too clingy, it could just be frustrating.


When a woman doesn’t understand her man it can make the relationship rocky. Men love it when their partner is understanding; a woman who doesn’t understand her man would criticise his every action and this can gradually turn love to hate.


Men hate it when a woman is too clingy and they also hate when a woman is too busy; creating a balance between both would keep your man on track. A Reddit user complained of how her husband did a spread sheet of the number of times she refused having sex with him; it was clear that the disgruntled husband got frustrated that his wife was just too busy for him; create time for your man else it might lead to so many unwarranted problems.


Only few men would stand a bossy woman. A bossy woman does what she wants and also wants her man to do only what she wants. Most women with this trait don’t even know they have it, they try to subdue their man without knowing and this can get him tired of her. There should always be the balance between what a man wants and what a woman wants and only understanding can make that happen; a bossy woman doesn’t understand her man.


Like I pointed out earlier, when a man is tired of a woman, he would get easily frustrated at her and hardly anything she does would be pleasing to him.

Ladies, take note.




  1. wow ilove this alticle and will make a change

  2. its a pity that most woman now believe that their boy friend should provide all their need, even when the man dont have and fail to understand that every man out there have their own problem to solve

  3. Very interesting.!and it’s true .!

  4. The article is very good as most men have gone through such problems before.The last a man would want is to go out just have some fresh air.

  5. love it .. thank you !

  6. i have come to learnt that however sweet, kind, good, generous and all those good things one can think of in the beautiful relationship, men are generally weird, u can never know their intentions and wat they want

  7. #8. Failure to be logical. If there is need for a woman to complain, men need their women to be logical and express their complaints in a way that shows that they themselves understand fully what they are complaining about. A woman should also learn to follow a logical complaint from a man, instead of just going defensive or act all irritated for no expressed reason. In our enlightened era, it’s old fashioned to follow the excuse “it’s feminine to be illogical/irrational”.

    • on centrally, how ever much you try to be good,sweet,generous, and kind to a woman, women (some) wont see and u will never know their intention.

    • True!!! you never know what’s really in their mind and then one day you ended up finding a mistress somewhere or someone with whom he is flirting…. Like woman, it is still difficult to make man happy but, man cross the infidelity part more easier than a woman

  8. comparings must be the major factor

  9. Thanks for those comments/teachings, they are good to learn from. My concern is i a bit different; i wonder why some men keep on checking the phones of their women even if they know that the women are good. secondly most of them think that women must be faithful to their husbands but for husbands, cheating is normal and women should not complain. is it okay/normal for husbands to cheat and Is the action of checking ladies’ phones all the time good?

  10. very good

  11. Absolutely agree. Ladies to understand man

  12. It’s true human are un predictable 2 de he has love tomorrow no more love so men are weird

  13. ERASMUS S. GAYE | February 17, 2015 at 1:09 pm |

    The article is so nice but it is the direct opposite. Women do have feelings too>Therefore the man too should see himself as a positive partner. They both have to be understanding in their relationship. The best approach to a cordial, genuine relationship is UNDERSTANDING. The both partners should understand the individual feelings of each other. If this is done the relationship will surely hold.

    Thank you.

  14. My relationship is having problem because I nag what do I do?

    • Hello May, one of the reasons we nag is because we expect perfection from our partner. Try to cut your partner some slack, and be a little bit patient with your response.

  15. my husband is ALL of these things … and yeah Im tired of it!

  16. I am a woman but my man is like this 🙁 and I’m tired. I wanted to end it but he always threatens me he’ll kill himself. So I’m like a caged bird in our relationship.

  17. Madiba Kenya Mandela | February 17, 2016 at 8:28 pm |

    Understanding is the key.

  18. even if ur de most perfect woman on earth men will alws fyn a reason to let u go especially wen de hf had wt dey wanted!!!!

  19. I read this article because Iam trying to make my man sick of me ????????????????

  20. Ladies remember – it is all about the man. Kiss his butt and you should be fine.

  21. I’m so this lady …i think its about time i change

  22. Intuitive mind | January 18, 2019 at 4:33 am |

    I agree wholeheartedly with ms namarome irene. Weird dude, if any woman has to be obligated to continuously keep u entertained like some kind of escort, the man needs to get gone, such ridiculousness. Smh

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