Friendship is great, and making friends is not a bad thing. However, in making friends, it’s important to make the right ones, and people that would add proper value to your life, and not ruin it. The purpose of friendship is to be with people who would encourage and lift you to heights you should be at. When you make the wrong ones, it can rub off the wrong way. Here are some people you must avoid keeping as friends.


There are people you should never share a business idea with because they could ruin your zeal. However, there are also friends that want you to be everything you can be, and succeed in your endeavours. Be wary of friends that would discourage you from doing every seemingly good thing that comes your way, and the reason is simple – they don’t want you to do better than them. Friends who tell you your business plans will fail, are sometimes nothing more than dream and ambition killers, and you should stay clear of them.


Having a stingy friend sometimes, means you get to spend more than you should on most occasion because they always lie about how much they have. You go out to have a few drinks, and in the end, rather than have the bills split, you end up paying for everyone because they “don’t have money.” I’m not saying people don’t go broke, I’m just saying that no one is perpetually broke. When a friend plays that card always, they’re just being stingy, and I’m not sure they’re a healthy company.


There are friends who would rather have you invest in non-enhancing stuff like drinking and partying, than in money-yielding business opportunities. These kinds of friends are nothing but wasters. They would borrow money from you, and never return it as promised. And even when they do, it’s not on time, or in full. Friends like this can wreck you finances faster than you know.


If you’re trying to save money, then, you want to stay away from as many shopaholic friends as possible because they have a knack to make you make purchases you don’t want to make, thereby causing you to spend more than  necessary. Shopaholics often have a strong need to spend whether they have it or not.


Braggarts like to show off their wealth. This sometimes happens subconsciously, and not particularly deliberately. However, their lifestyle can cause you to rethink your more conservative one, and tempt you to want to live the same. Like they say, friends can influence, so you want to choose yours wisely to avoid regression, instead of progress.


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