I love fashion and I don’t see my love for it fading off anytime soon; from the ear rings to the wrist watches, the hand bags, the stilettos and every fashion item that concerns the female gender especially catches my attention.

When I’m on the road, I’m not the type to be busy with my gadgets and co; I’m the type that looks around to notice who’s wearing what, how did she wear it and how she carries herself in it and to be honest Kim Kardashian is one person who has a good command of fashion; she actually knows what she wants and how she wants it; fashion-wise, it’s never a dull moment with her.

Forget my clattering, however, there are 5 basic fashion tips every lady must be conscious of and if you can get these five tips, you would own any ground you walk on and I mean it.

I bring you five basic fashion tips every lady should take note of; ladies take this serious and guys, show this to your lady.



Fashion comes in seasons and fashion comes in cycles; what’s hot today may be stupid tomorrow and if you don’t observe trends, you might end up making yourself a laughing stock. There are women out there who just wear what they feel like and only the looks from passers-by would best describe her fashion style. Inasmuch as it is wrong to religiously observe all the trends, but a little knowledge on what is and what isn’t would be advisable.


Comfort to me is an essential for every fashionista. Wear the best of everything in the world, if you aren’t comfortable in it, you would only look stupid. People pay attention to trends and styles while placing their comfort underneath. One thing you should be aware of is that how comfortable or uncomfortable you are would definitely be obvious to all. Comfort brings confidence; always wear things you would be comfortable with even down to your underwear.


Uniqueness is a charming quality in fashion; when you are unique, people look up to you. Being unique and creative would make you a demigod in the fashion scene. You mustn’t always do it like the rest; take a look at what they do and create a style that would suit you, and honestly this is where Kim gets it right.


So much has been made of clothing and so little has been made of accessories. Good accessories would further bring out the beauty of a dress. Always wear an accessory that fits and it would add a cutting edge to your style.


Makeups can be deceptive; they have a way of telling us to add a little more and always a little more with the deceptive nature that we are looking more beautiful. The truth is too much make up would only make you look ridiculous; don’t get described as the lady with too much make up. If you must break any fashion rule, let it not be this.

These five tips are the basics for every woman who wants to be accorded with respect fashion-wise.