woman in love

I believe most of us have been at that point in our lives where we meet someone so perfect for us but we can’t just have them because they are unavailable.

It’s really not a good place to be in but we have to realise that they are unavailable and move on.

Below are 4 ways to get over the one you desire but can’t have

1. One way to get over the one you desire but can’t have is by reminding yourself that they are not available. You have to understand the reality on ground, which is that he/she has someone else and forcing yourself on that person means you would never have them completely.  You have to be truthful and honest with yourself.

2. You might see that person you desire as so perfect and all that but the truth is that all that glitters isn’t gold. Being just friends with someone and being in an intimate relationship with someone are two different things. No matter how close you are to that person, there are cracks in them you would never notice until you date them. So when that person isn’t yours, you don’t have to get close and when you don’t have to get close, you don’t get to see the flaws in that person. So stop the fantasy of that person being so perfect for your and move on cos there is really no perfect person.

3. Why desire to have someone who is unavailable and miss out for an opportunity to be with someone who is available. You need to remind yourself that the perfect person for you has to be available and not in a relationship with someone else. Going for that person who is unavailable means you would always be second in their lives and is this what you really desire for yourself? Remind yourself that the person for you is out there and available.

4. Let’s say you succeed in making that unavailable person yours by making them leave their partner for you, do you really think they won’t do that with someone else too? Anyone who would leave someone else for you would also leave you for someone else. Always remind yourself of this when you find yourself in a situation where the one you desire is unavailable.