man thinking

Sometimes you have to look around you and ask yourself certain questions that would push you to be greater than you already are. People keep saying that life is short, but live contrary to that. If you really know that life is short and everyday takes a day off your lifespan, you would change certain ways you do things and live your life to the fullest.

These questions would help you reinvent yourself.

1. Why do I still live in fear?

2. Why do I seek people to notice me?

3. Why can’t I do things to make me happy?

4. Why do I let things which don’t matter hold me back from living?

5. Why do I let unimportant things steal my happiness?

6. Why do I harbour hate?

7. Why do I have to lie?

8. Why can’t I love genuinely?

9. Why can’t I appreciate other people’s success?

10. Why don’t I do something good for someone today?

11. Why can’t I believe in myself?

12. Why do I think I’m not good enough?

13. Why don’t I give in my best always?

14. Why do I let little things weigh me down?

15. Why do I unfairly judge others?

16. Why can’t I focus on the positive and leave the negative?

17. Why do I worry over nothing?

18. Why don’t I put a smile on someone’s face today?

19. Why don’t I believe I would make it?

20. Why do I let what people say hold me back?

21. Why am I impatient?

22. Why am I not grateful for what I have?

23. Why do I keep doing what would harm my health?

24. Why don’t I value my relationship?

25. Why can’t I tolerate people?

26. Why do I keep bad habits?

27. Why do I stop learning?

28. Why don’t I always give in my best?

29. Why am I stuck in my comfort zone?

30. Why don’t I dream big?


Asking yourself these questions would open you up to a world of possibilities and make you live better.  These questions would challenge you to be the best you can be.