happy lady

Some might need repeated experiences to learn these life lessons, some might need a single experience to learn these lessons about life while others just need the experiences of others to learn these life lessons.

Below are 30 bitter truths about life

1. The other line always moves faster.

2. A short cut is the longest distance between two points.

3. Children are honest creatures until they are taught not to be.

4. There is no point yelling because yelling always makes things worse.

5. Two things that reveals a man’s weakness – anger and violence.

6. Those who complain the most always accomplish the least.

7. There is never time to do it right but there is always time to do it over.

8. Whenever you set your mind to do something, something else needs to be done first.

9. Wishing things were different is a great way to torture yourself.

10. Sometimes you have to remove certain people from your life, even if they are family.

11. Words are immensely powerful. One cruel remark can wound someone for life.

12. If you aren’t happy single, you won’t be happy in a relationship.

13. Blame is the favourite pastime of those who dislike responsibility.

14. If what you are doing feels perfectly safe, there is probably a better course of action.

15. Whenever you are worried about what others will think of you, you are really just worried about what you’ll think of you.

16. You can’t change other people and it’s rude to try.

17. The one with gold always makes the rule.

18. Friends come and go but enemies accumulate.

19. In order to get a loan, you must first prove you don’t need it.

20. Everybody likes somebody who gets to the point quickly.

21. Whenever you hate something (people or situations), it hates you back.

22. Getting truly organised can vastly improve anyone’s life.

23. Even if it costs no money, nothing is free if it takes time.

24. There is nothing worse than having no friends.

25. Nothing ever happens exactly as you pictured it.

26. To write someone off as worthless is an act of great violence.

27. Breaking new grounds only take a small amount more effort than you’re used to giving.

28. Every problem you have is your responsibility regardless of who caused it.

29. No one has it all figured out.

30. The ability to be happy is nothing other than the ability to come to terms with how things change.