love couple

What’s the weekend like in your relationship / marriage?

The weekend should be a time to have fun, relax, ease off stress and show  that you still love each other.

This 25 romantic ideas would really boost your love life this weekend.

1. Take an evening walk with your partner. It’s healthy, good for your body, eases stress and a chance to rekindle love. A little PDA would do too.

2. Go somewhere new. Visit a place you both haven’t been to before. This would add a new spark to your relationship.

3. Play an indoor game. Video game, card game or whatever; this would help bond you and your partner. Games like these create an opportunity for laughter, hugs, kisses and togetherness. This would definitely leave you two drooling over each other.

4. Exercise together. Exercising with your partner is a fun way to boost your health and your relationship too.

5. Talk about everything. Just talk all evening long. This helps.

6. Lie in each other’s arms. Have you read the benefits of cuddling?

7. Have a great sex. I don’t think a weekend should pass by without this.

8. Watch the stars. There is something mystical about the stars and the evening breeze that make couples fall in love the more.

9. Have a movie weekend. Whether it’s at the cinema or at home — watch a movie together.

10. Cook together. Cooking could be boring when it’s done by one partner, but it’s never the same when it’s two people involved.

11. Go swimming. Need I explain this? Besides, swimming is a good way to ease off stress.

12. Visit friends. Have a good time together with friends; it adds a different spice of friendship and togetherness to your union.

13. Crack jokes with each other.

14. Have a karaoke time, and you would be surprised at how time flies when you are having fun.

15. Visit a zoo.

16. Go to the beach. You would never have a dull moment there.

17. Play at home.

18. Have a dance.

19. Never forget to go on dates.

20. Give each other gifts this weekend.

21. Take a shower together.

22. Give each other a massage.

23. Listen to music together.

24. Sleep together without your clothes on. Skin to skin contact rekindles love, research has shown.

25. Write sweet notes to each other.

Always take advantage of every weekend; ease off stress and let the love flow.