With more marriages today collapsing when compared to the past, it’s time people took the institution called marriage very serious and educate themselves properly before getting married.

Marriage isn’t something you should jump into unprepared. Here are 20 ways to protect your marriage against divorce

1. Your partner should be your priority.

2. Know what pleases your partner and always try to do the things that please your partner.

3. Don’t keep score in your marriage. Don’t expect your partner to do A because you did B. Your sacrifices should be your gift to your partner.

4. Do something new regularly with your partner. This helps save your marriage from being boring.

5. Don’t yell at each other when you both have a misunderstanding. Keep your voice down.

6. Visit new places with your partner.

7. Go on dates regularly.

8. Tell your partner how much you love him/her everyday.

9. When making statements, use “We” instead of “Me” or ā€œIā€.

10. Look past your partner’s flaws. Pay attention to your partner’s best qualities instead.

11. Take a shower with your partner regularly.

12. Exercise as a couple.

13. Listen to your partner.

14. Go to bed together whenever you can.

15. Leave love notes for your partner.

16. Give your partner a massage regularly.

17. Avoid saying negative and hurtful things to your partner.

18. Avoid complaining. Make a polite request instead.

19. Choose the best possible explanation for your partner’s actions instead of the worst.

20. Have sex regularly.