It’s shocking to find that some people think it’s right to comment on a woman’s body and it’s even shocking to know the amount of weight discrimination women who are considered fat face.

It’s wrong to single out any lady because of her body size and below are 20 things you should never say to a fat lady

1. “You would be so pretty if you lost weight”

2. “You are a really fast runner for your size”

3. “Good for you! You’re making such a healthy choice!” –  acting like a food coach when you see a fat lady ordering a salad.

4. “You are not so fat” – when it’s obvious she is

5. “OMG, I am so fat” – when it’s obvious she is way fatter than you are

6. “You are big-boned, that’s all”

7. “I wish I enjoyed food like you”

8. “You shouldn’t eat that”

9. “You don’t act like a fat person” – I am wondering how fat people are supposed to act

10. “You would be dateable if you lost weight”

11. “Have you checked your cholesterol recently?”

12. “If you slimmed down, you’d be really sexy” – beginning to wonder when being sexy means a woman should be thin

13. “You look fine the way you are”

14. “How come you are so happy all the time when though you are fat?”

15. “You have a great personality even though you are fat” – I really don’t understand why anyone would say this. Is ones personality now decided by body size?

16. “Are you really going to eat that?”

17. “If you ate less, you’d lose the weight”

18. “How did you get this fat?”

19. “You need to slim down because no one is going to marry a fat girl”

20. “You are not fat; you are beautiful”


To summarize all I just said, never make reference to a fat lady’s body. Stop acting like you have the right to judge her body.