happy couple2

There is nothing as sweet as falling in love; you would agree with me that even honey isn’t as sweet as falling in love. Falling in love becomes complete when you know you have found that special man you want to spend eternity with.

Below are 20 signs you have found your husband

1. All he wants is your happiness. Your happiness is his happiness and it breaks his heart to see you sad.

2. He is never too busy for you. No matter how tight his schedule is, there is always time for you.

3. You don’t have to pretend to be anyone else when you are with him as you are special being you in his eyes.

4. He knows what you want or how you feel without you having to say it because he can read your emotions.

5. He can’t stay mad at you for a long time even if he is right about the argument and you are wrong.

6. The thought of spending eternity with him doesn’t scare you, in fact you find yourself smiling when you think about it.

7. The chemistry between the both of you is so strong.

8. You have fun secret signs of communicating when you both are out with friends.

9. You want to share every experience with him and he is always willing to listen.

10. He sees you as a partner and confides in you.

11. He is so proud to have you and he always brags about you to his friends.

12. You help each other grow in every aspect of your lives.

13. He understands it’s okay for you to have mood swings and doesn’t crucify you when such happens.

14. When something important happens in your life, like a promotion at work, success in a test etc, he is the first person you want to share it with.

15. You know the things he can do and the things he isn’t capable of doing.

16. He always pushes you to be the best you can be because he doesn’t feel intimidated by your success.

17. It’s not always about s*x with him. Sometimes he just wants to cuddle you.

18. He takes you to meet his family.

19. He knows everything about you – good and bad – and he won’t judge you because of some past mistakes.

20. He dreams of starting a family with you.