washing hands

We live in an age where hygiene is really important but do you know that there are some really simple things about cleanliness you don’t know?

Below are 2 myths about hygiene

Myth 1 – Soap kills germs

Most of us believe soap actually kills germs but that isn’t true. So what then do soap do when we wash our hands? Your regular soap doesn’t kill germs but instead picks bacteria off the skin’s surface and sends them down the drain as you rinse off. Only antibacterial soap actually kill bacteria. What I mean is when you use regular soap, it removes the bacteria from your skin without actually killing them; only antibacterial soap kills them first and then remove them from your skin.

Myth 2 – Sweat makes you smell

We all believe that sweat makes us smell but I was amazed to discover sweat isn’t what makes us smell actually (we learn everyday). The truth is that sweat itself has no odour because it consists of mainly water. So why then do you smell when you sweat? I was surprised to discover that it isn’t the sweat that makes you smell when you sweat but normal skin bacteria that breaks down the sweat. Wow. The normal skin bacteria are the ones secreting the smell. So next time you get that offensive smell when you sweat, blame it on the bacteria that breaks down the sweat.