couple tall guy short girl

The height difference is obviously cute when you are dating a short girl but there are other things you should know about dating a short girl.

1. Never underestimate short girls. She might look cute, adorable and tender but she’s tougher than she looks.

2. Just because she’s short isn’t a good reason to lean your elbow on her. She definitely hates that.

3. Short girls enjoy hugging a lot. Don’t really know why they crave for a hug so much but I know they love it.

4. When going out with her, always hold her hand. Short girls love it when a taller man holds her hand when walking. If you don’t enjoy holding a lady’s hand, please don’t bother dating a short girl.

5. Short girls always complain about the stress of wearing high heels but they keep wearing them anyway. Maybe she doesn’t want you bending too much to give her a kiss.

6. Short girls enjoy wearing their man’s shirt when they are in his apartment. So have it in mind that she will definitely wear your shirts and t-shirts because they basically look like a dress on her. Lol.

7. If you met her online before actually meeting her, please never tell her she looks taller in her Facebook or Instagram photos. That’s a backhanded compliment and short girls hate that.

8. Short girls are fun in bed. Yes, you read that correctly. You can have her in any position you like in bed and that’s so nice.

9. When dating a short girl, be prepared to bend down to her level when she wants to whisper something in your ears.

10. Short girls love dating tall men. So if you are tall, you have a higher chance of dating her.

11. When dating a short girl, you should be prepared to help her grab stuffs from a high shelf.

12. Don’t make fun of her feet not touching the floor. She won’t find it funny.

13. When dating a short girl, always bear it in mind that people would think you are dating a 15-year-old girl because of how small she looks.

14.  You will have to master the art of bending down to kiss her. It might be stressful but trust me when I say it’s really worth the stress because most short girls have gorgeous lips and are good kissers.

15. Short girls know how to love a man. They have so much love in their little body to give you that will last for a lifetime. If you want true love, maybe you should consider dating a short girl. Lol. I know the taller girls won’t like this.