sad couple

We love our girlfriends but sometimes we wish they stop doing things that drive us crazy. I previously wrote 18 things annoying boyfriends do, so I recommend you also read that if you missed it.

Below are 15 things annoying girlfriends do

1. Annoying girlfriends talk about relationship issues with others.

2. Annoying girlfriends leave their boyfriend with a hard on and give him the excuse of not being in the mood.

3. Annoying girlfriends never understand the importance of giving a man his space sometimes.

4. Annoying girlfriends enjoy flirting’s with other men and not with her boyfriend.

5. Annoying girlfriends don’t understand a man’s passion for sports and expects him to spend every time with her.

6. Annoying girlfriends expect their boyfriend to be a mind-reader. They tell a man they are fine, even though it’s clear to everyone that they are upset about something he did.

7. Annoying girlfriends take hours to makeup and this frustrates every guy out there.

8. Annoying girlfriends are chronically late. They derive joy being late for dates.

9. Annoying girlfriends use sex as a weapon. They only have sex with you when you have done something special for her or she wants something from you.

10. Annoying girlfriends hold grudges. They always bring up a mistake you made in the past (even when you apologized and they forgave you) whenever you make a fresh mistake.

11. Annoying girlfriends know how to put a man in difficult situations by asking entrapping questions. Questions like “Do I look fat in this?” or “Do you think my friend Kim is pretty?” are entrapping questions they use to put a man in a difficult situation.

12. Annoying girlfriends don’t acknowledge their boyfriend’s efforts.

13. Annoying girlfriends constantly try to change their boyfriend.

14. Annoying girlfriends have too many male friends with lots of male photos in her phone.

15. Annoying girlfriends always question their boyfriend’s life goals because they want their boyfriend to do things their way.

So fellas, tag that annoying girlfriend you have. We hope the women in our lives change after reading this. LOL.