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Love alone can’t make a marriage last. Before getting married to your partner, here are questions you should ask your partner

1. What percentage of our income would be saved monthly? Asking this question is important because the way you handle finance in your marriage will either make or mar your marriage.

2. How much do you know me? You need to know how much your partner knows about you. Your partner shouldn’t be thinking of marriage if he/she knows nothing about you.

3. How much do you earn? Transparency in finance is important if you want your marriage to work. When you both know how much each of you makes, unrealistic expectations would be avoided.

4. Do you accept me for who I am? Asking this question will help you understand if your partner expects a perfect partner. You should get married to someone who doesn’t expect you to be perfect. Your partner should be willing to accept your flaws.

5. What is your ultimate financial goal and how do you hope to achieve it? It’s important you get married to someone with dreams and a plan to achieve the dreams he or she has.

6. What do you expect from me after marriage? So many marriages have collapsed due to unrealistic expectations. You should know what your partner expects from you after marriage before getting married.

7. Do you have health issues I need to know of? It’s really wrong to get married without disclosing any health issues you may have. That marriage is based on fraud and would collapse sooner rather than later.

8. Are you sexually attracted to me? You need to know if your partner is sufficiently sexually attracted to you. Problems with sex have destroyed many marriages.

9. Are you comfortable with my family and friends? When you marry an individual, you also marry the family. Your marriage will have issues if your partner isn’t comfortable with your family and friends.

10. Are you comfortable with my hygiene habits? Being compatible when it comes to hygiene is also important for the success of your marriage. I have seen many marriages suffer because a partner felt the hygiene of his wife or her husband is poor.

11. Are you willing to make the marriage work? Your marriage will certainly have challenges so it’s important you know you are getting married to someone who is willing to make the marriage work despite challenges he or she might face.

12. How do you plan to maintain friendship outside our marriage? For a marriage to be successful, it’s important friendships coexist in harmony and don’t overstep boundaries. It’s important you find out how your partner hopes to achieve this.

13. Do you plan having children? When are we going to have children? How many children do you want? You shouldn’t just assume your partner wants children because not everyone wants kids. You also need to find out how many kids your partner wants and when your partner wants to start having children.