getting married

Welcome to another edition of Elcrema Sunday Love Special, a forum where various relationship issues are discussed.

Today, Drama and Shawn will write about relationships, and if every relationship should lead to marriage.

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The whole point of getting into a relationship for me, is to exclusively be with someone you care a lot about. If you do not care about a person, then, why go into a relationship with them at all? So yes, relationships should lead to marriage. If you love someone enough to date them, you should love them enough to wed them too.

There was a time when I’d have expressly said no to this question, but this is the honest truth. I know that some people go into a relationship because they want just sex, but that’s wrong. If sex is all you’re about, then, you should be looking out for whores, not men and women who want to share something real and serious. The whole point of having a relationship is companionship and friendship, and once you find that, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t rather spend the rest of your life with your partner.

The only excuse I’d consider valid for anyone not to want to marry the person they care about is if they mutually agree to forget about observing marital formalities, and just stay together as a couple, that I’d understand, but unless it’s an arrangement like that, then, there’s no reason why you should not marry the person you date. If the person you date does not want to marry you, then you’re definitely seeing the wrong person, and you need to run away from them immediately. Nobody would not want to have something good in their life forever. A man or woman who thinks of you as something good and rare would definitely want to be with you for the longer term, if the opposite is the case, they’re not for you.

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