Divorce is now seen as a shortcut to ending a marriage that isn’t heading in the right direction. Divorce now seems so easy that couples don’t even work hard to keep their marriage anymore; we once brought you an article on the shocking divorce rates in many countries today.

Truth be told, no one gets married with hopes of getting divorced; everyone wants a happy after married life filled with love and happiness. So why then do divorce step into the picture?

These 10 pieces of advice would help save your relationship from divorce:

1. Find the right ways to communicate with your partner. Different personality types have different modes of communication; the way you communicate would differ from the way your partner communicates — so try to understand what communication means to your partner and how to communicate with each other effectively. If you can do this, you would definitely steer your marriage far away from divorce.

2. Argue in a way that would produce solutions; do not argue to fight.

3. It would help if you can avoid calling your partner names during an argument. Speaking in a calm manner is always the best way to pass a message along.

4. Couples fight often because they don’t agree with each other on how to raise their kids. Try not to take an important decision for your child without your partners consent.

5. Having a quarrel with your partner doesn’t mean that your marriage is headed for doom; it’s what happens after the quarrel that matters most.

6. Learn to solve your marriage issues early enough or resentment might just step in.

7. Don’t expect problems to go away, that’s one mistake many couples make. Try to tackle your marriage problems as they come; they can’t go away by merely wishing it off

8. “I’m sorry” is a very useful tool; it can save your marriage from a lot of things.

9. Learn how to be emotionally attached to your partner. Everyone has different attachment styles; it’s important to understand your partner’s.

10. Learn to spend quality time with each other.

11. Learn from every mistake.

12. You and your partner ought to spend time with family and friends; it always adds that feeling of support.

13. It’s good to meet a relationship counsellor when the problems starts early; never wait till it’s too late. There is a stage you let things heap and fixable problems could become unfixable.

These 13 tips can steer your marriage away from divorce. Why get married and rush out of it when you can live happily ever after?