wedding couple

Anyone who tells you everything will remain the same after you get married is definitely lying to you. Knowing the changes that come after you get married helps you get prepared for it better.

Here are 12 things that change after you get married

1. Sex gets better after you get married. There are no fears about unwanted pregnancy and other barriers that come with pre-marital sex.

2. People view you differently after you get married. They see you as more responsible after you get married.

3. You have more time to spend with your partner after you get married. In the past, you could only see him/her for few hours a week.

4. When you are single, you planned your schedule with only yourself in mind but that changes after getting married. When you are married, you have two people’s schedules (yours and your spouse) to accommodate.

5. How you spend money changes after you get married. You now spend and save for two. You prefer to save than spend after getting married.

6. The way you fight is different after you get married. Before getting married, quitting the relationship was always an option during a fight.

7. Your health will matter to someone other you and your mother and that someone is your spouse.

8. After you get married, people begin to see you as more mature and start taking you more seriously.

9. You start enjoying the company of other married couples and begin to spend less time with single friends.

10. You are more committed to your spouse after getting married.

11. Your spending habits will become transparent. Every expenses can and will be scrutinized by your partner.

12. Before marriage, your parents and your siblings were your most innermost circle but your spouse becomes that after you get married.