Smelly feet can be embarrassing, and even your partner could become uncomfortable to have sex with you when your feet is smelly.

Do you know why your feet smell? You can read that here.

See some ways you can prevent and eradicate smelly feet.

1. Wear shoes that are breathable; this would reduce the amount of sweat captured in your shoes.

2. If you wear socks, wear socks that can ensure ventilation, like socks made with wool. Ensuring ventilation around your feet is a good way to prevent and eradicate feet odour.

3. Hygiene. Take your feet hygiene serious; wear only neat socks, air your shoes after wearing them, wash your feet everyday and wash your feet with antibacterial soap.

4. Keep your toenails well trimmed.

5. Keep your feet as dry as possible.

6. Try not to wear the same shoe every day.

7. Apply castor oil cream on your feet every day after washing the feet.

8. Baking soda could kill the bacteria in your shoes if you apply them.

9. Dry your feet thoroughly after taking a bath, and ensure they are dry before wearing your shoe.

10. Make use of anti-fungal foot spray or foot powder.

11. Soak your feet for approximately 20 minutes daily in salt water and leave them to dry.


Smelly feet can be embarrassing; save yourself the embarrassment with these tips.



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