bad breath

No one loves to have bad breath, but knowing certain things about bad breath can help you maintain a fresher breath or kill off the things causing you to have bad breath.

Check out some vital facts about bad breath:

1. Halitosis which is a worse form of bad breath is usually caused by an imbalance in bacteria

2. Bad breath can also be caused by lack of enough saliva. Saliva helps your breath by washing away food particles and bacteria.

3. It’s quite normal to have bad morning breath. Your salivary flow slows down when you sleep at night, creating a thriving environment for sulphur-producing bacteria.

4. Excessive alcohol consumption can also cause bad breath. It could cause Xerostomia (dry mouth) which can cause bad breath, as there would be a lack of saliva to moisten the mouth and neutralise acids.

5. Coffee; ever heard of coffee breath? The caffeine in coffee can dry out your mouth, making it easier for bacteria to thrive.

6. While not everyone’s breath is affected by smoking and drinking, they can worsen the effect of bad breath.

7. Gum disease is formed by a build-up of plaque on the teeth, which could harbour toxin-creating bacteria that could cause bad breath.

8. Sugary foods aren’t also good; minus causing cavities and rotting your teeth, it provides food for the bacteria that cause bad breath.

9. Skipping breakfast can also cause bad morning breath. Eating food in the morning will help stimulate saliva production which would help keep the mouth moist for a fresher breath and chase away bacteria.

10. Mouthwash would only mask the problem of bad breath but can’t fix it.

11. Bad breath can be developed at any point in your life.


Now you’ve known some very important facts about bad breath; click here to know how to handle bad breath better.