sad man in bed When a woman has stopped loving you, it could feel like the world is coming to an end. There are certain signs she lets out when she has lost interest in you and having a relationship with you.

When a woman no longer loves you, the signs she shows doesn’t go beyond these:


When a woman stops loving a man, her caring and inquisitive nature dies off; she no longer bothers about what goes on in her man’s life, she doesn’t bother and she hardly cares.


When a woman is in love, she finds her man super attractive and charming. However, the same cannot be said when she stops loving him; no matter how good-looking he is, she wouldn’t find him attractive once she has lost that desire for him.


A woman in love would put in all efforts for her man and the relationship, but when this isn’t the case, she wouldn’t care about the relationship anymore — so she wouldn’t put efforts to make the relationship better or show her man that she cares.


Even though she might still linger in the relationship with you, if she’s stopped loving you then her communication with you would die off. Those moments where you both get to talk and laugh for hours would die off and she wouldn’t let you in on what’s going on in her life; you would be like a complete stranger to her.


This is also a given if a woman has fallen out of love with you. She would do things without minding the repercussions; she no longer cares about how you feel and never bothers to make you happy.


Also, when a woman no longer loves a man, she no longer gets moved by the things he does for her; if she loves him, she would appreciate the little things he does for her and if she doesn’t love him, she wouldn’t appreciate the things he does for her.


Like I mentioned in the 4th tip, her communication with you would die off when she no longer loves you, but it doesn’t just end there. She wouldn’t start the communication or make any move to; every form of communication would be from the man and she might never respond.


When a woman stops loving a man, she wouldn’t have the desire to do special things for him anymore. She wouldn’t treat him nice, she wouldn’t make him feel loved and she just wouldn’t care.


You know how everyone craves attention in a relationship? Everyone loves getting attention from their partners; but when a woman stops loving a man, her attention dies off with the love.


When a woman loses interest in her man, the physical intimacy between them would die off too. She wouldn’t want any form of intimacy from him and she would ward off all intimate advances from her man.   These are the common signs a woman show when she’s no longer in love with her man.




  1. I must say this is reality. No matter how much her life needs a man in it, such as a father for her kids, for her financial stability even though she is struggling financially, if she does not love you any more, nothing will make her. She will starve, and do the best she can with her kids, but won’t be with someone she either never really loved, or fell out of love with. All of the deep conversations in the middle of the night laying together, the plans for the future, everything goes away. And she won’t tell you. She will hope she is able to send you signals by acting in a way that just makes you feel like dirt, and that will make you just leave. Because women do not like to intentionally inflict pain if the person she no longer cares about did things and still does for her kids. Or she knows its going to devastate him and cannot bear being “The mean one”. I have gone through this the last 8 months. I did not live with her. But, the more time I spent with her and her kids, I saw the kids poor behavior, her hypocrisy, and other things I could see lead to her divorce. Because I did not condone the dysfunction, and because I would not sacrifice my beliefs to make her feel things she did raising her kids was acceptable, she then began to slip away. Some people have dysfunction and abnormal behavior in their private lives and would have to look at themselves if anything is going to change to stop the dysfunction. A good example is her 10 year old son still sleeping with her and has since he was adopted at one year old. Why the hell did she not tell me this? Why does she ask her 13 year old adopted son to lie to me about it? Why would she sleep with a kid for nine years? That’s when you know you don’t need to be with someone like that anyway. Learn everything you can about them before becoming vulnerable. Because then its going to be too late when you HAVE to leave in order to keep your sanity.

    • I’m not sure if you’re talking about an incestuous relationship between her and her son, but I can tell your woman really hurt you. You should report her if you think she’s doing something illegal.

    • I agree with you because the same happened to me. I am now feeling like a total idiot. I was stupid enought to fall in love too soon I later found out was married. She always professed to me how perfect I was for her. How she loved me and wanted to marry me. I tried to end the affair but each time I did she would come running back to me. Then when her husband finally asked her for a divorce because of her alcoholism, she came to me for help. I helped her when no one else would. She went to rehab and now was sober. I helped her find her own apartment and noticed her love for me was gone. She would argue and fight more often. She would send text sexual jokes to her male friends and thought I was trying to change her just because it bothered me. This woman was a narcissistic manipulator. I need to move on but no one else is giving me a chance.

  2. Its clear my ex never loved me!

  3. Women are all alike in one common fashion, they want to adored, supported, stimulated mentally and sexually, the want security in their relationship but 99% of these women want it on their terms, making it impossible for even Superman to stand in and love these women.
    Since the conception of the internet the terms and usage rights of loving someone got twisted into text email and FB, killing of the physical communication that nutures love.
    When love is real and true your heart tells you so.

  4. I think if you listen to all this stuff it makes you truly believe it; then what of your wife does love you and is going through a hard time then you will have thrown away your marriage for no reason at all I choose to believe my wife loves me as she always has her moods and behaviors have changed but that could be associated with the stress of raising our 4 children she’s an amazing mom and wife and had exzibted all of these signs but I believe everyone is different and you shouldn’t always judge everyone the same way your wife not paying you attention doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you

  5. All the signs mentioned when a woman does not love are true!U can do her a great breakfast she might opt to clean the house first other than rushing into chawing the meal you have prepared for her!You are not a priority anymore, she criticises everything you initiate!She is never satisfied with anything you do for her,she will explore all avenues to ensure that any road leading to a sexual relation is blocked.you will have no peace as long as she is around you!

  6. My wife had stopped wearing her engagement ring & wedding ring.

  7. I think that does not go for women only!

  8. A few weeks ago, there was that girl at office that I use to greet but wasn’t that close of. One morning, she greeted me in such a sensual and unusual way. She asked me why I never brought her any gift. I thought it meant she liked me, so I started being her romantic superman. No a month later, she doesn’t care about me at all, she doesn’t pickup my calls, reply to my messages. She makes no effort to spend time with me. I invited her to the restaurant, and she has always found a good excuse up to now. Why would she behave kindly with me and reject me the next week ?
    Women are a mystery only God can fully unveil.

  9. so it all started in the 3rd grade when she said i have a crush on someone with the letter a and i said who and she said you and my reaction was oh… and 2 years later she told a nother classmate to say o me that she doesnt like me anymore and i heard it and said i know and she finally said achilles i dont like you anymore and it broke my heart and i tried calling her and she never awnser so i wish we could be together again. thats my dying wish is that we could we together again…

  10. Considering the real possibility of being divorced was thrust upon me less than 48hrs ago, I can agree with this list. Too me it’s coming out of left field, especially considering we just got off of vacation, remodeled our house and were talking about retiring in Key West in 12yrs. After nearly 12yrs of being married, sure we’ve had our ups and downs. She said she’s been thinking about it for years, it shouldn’t be a surprise? Really? I’m not perfect, neither is she. Instead of recalling all the good times, she has the uncanny ability of recalling everything I’ve done wrong (pointing out shit from our wedding day- 12yrs ago WTF!?).

    After reading this article, yes, she hit every benchmark over the last 30 days. I’m confused, hurt and not sure what our future holds? To make matters worse, I got the kiss of death “I love you, but I don’t think I’m in love with you”. And “I know it’s not what you want to hear, but I don’t know if I will ever love you the way I did before”. Adding, “I won’t leave you because of our daughter, but don’t expect me to be affectionate or loving toward you”. The cherry on top, “I’m tired and need time, I’m not in a place of happiness right now”. Granted, Menopause is in full swing and I’ve made mistakes in the past while drinking (verbally disrepectful due to unresolved issues), but damn, talk about going full tilt!

  11. maybe she was using you to make someone else feel jealous? I feel for you dude, but might this be possible?

    • No. It’s her second time around and there is definitely no love loss with her ex-husband. It’s my first and only crack at marriage.

    • It’s highly unlikely there’s someone else. It’s just not her M.O. Frankly, as much as that would suck, not knowing where we’re going is worse. If there was someone else, I’d be pissed, but at least I could move on from that, one way or another.
      As far as honesty goes, I had to drag the alarming information out of her after getting “RBF” for several weeks. I would classify it as misled with malicious intent.
      Now that the initial shock is starting to wear off, I’m finding myself more angry and bitter, with flashes of hurt on occassion. While I’m hopeful she’ll come to her senses, I know it’s unlikely. So while I haven’t consulted an attorney yet, I have read a great deal about Florida Family Law in preparation. While I’m not vindictive and realize there is no winning only varying degrees of losing, according to the law I won’t walk away too beat up. In fact, it’ll hurt her more to follow through with this craziness. Overall, it sucks and I don’t like waiting to hear what my future may or may not hold.

  12. Dude I feel for you. The list looks right to me. I’ve been married for 19 years, and found out my wife doesnt love me in a bad way. She sent an email containing this statement behind my back to our minister, along with a record of everything I’d done wrong in the marriage. What a memory!
    Neither she or him would let me see the contents, but I trapped it at the router before sending it on.

    The worst bit is, I have the knowledge in private and I’m getting professional advice – lets say. At least your wife is at least being honest.

    You might want to double check someone else is not in the picture. I’d advise you consider a private detective, just to make sure…

  13. really sorry man, women are so weird, like what am going through now, she doesn’t want to talk to me any more, bro save your marriage if it is still worth saving bro, and Good luck with every decision you make.

  14. I am sorry for all the men who are hurting but let’s be real, none of this came out of nowhere.
    They were years of bad decisions, hurt feelings, not putting her first, etc etc before one day she finally had enough. Women have a LONG and HIGH pain thresh hold and we will do any and everything to keep a good man around and to keep a family together but eventually if you do not act right, we get tired and quit.
    I know so many men say they never saw it coming but sit down and honestly think how you have treated her for the past 5 years and take it from there.
    I am pretty sure you will then she her good reasons.
    Not defending, just trying to help men see, as I know this often comes as a surprise to them.

  15. The problem is like this, when you do not care about a girl, you have the manly attitude you have fun and build your own potential, you are very attractive. You become a girl magnet and sometimes you pick one of those ladies one that may not be the sanest one to have a relationship. bam! You are on your way from super hot guy to fucking provider, in let´s say 10 years. For girls honor is nothing they are emotionally ridden and always for the thrill. If you are not a fucking drunk, you treat her nice, your dick is not limp, you have your confidence, you have an average financial life, there is no reason for her to leave you unless she is a fucking unworthy person with a bad attitude that will not change and you, my friend, will be retarded if you do not dump such a person. I know people love people, and do the impossible but there must be a line, and most important open your eyes. You may think she is someone she is not for years, girls are professional hypocrites since age one.

    Also girls like melrem who will blame you for a list of things you didn´t do, so she will not have to see herself as the ungrateful slut she is, but trust me fellows, you are listening to a game of hers with no price. The melrems of the world asking their husbands for infinite requests to win their unworthy approval are most of the time the same girl giving me head in the club´s bathroom. You and I will not marry shut a slut, we just dump them teach them a lesson.

    Now for your upcoming relationships get someone who is not only hot to you but also good in other areas and check for her family if she has a split family, be careful, if she is not smart, she may be a feminist and chances are, she will be lonely for life. Let her be.

    As a rule you need to focus on the man you want to be do not lose track of yourself, be kind and loving but not stupid.
    Cheers guys and good life.

  16. i agree with u David Girls llike Melrem dont see what women do to men and we have a certain amount of patience untl we explode into the Hulk.. they want to see us angry because hey want to reach our threshold and limits and when that limit of ours is not what tey expected they abort and abandon they can never commit to their husband nor their children because they are scared of natural responsibility but instead they prefer unnatural rights and if they have their way they would abolish marriage and become lesbians make men slaves etc.

  17. It is obvious my wife doesnt love me anymore,my world is fallin apart , it is only a matter of time it falls apart. Seems like Jim Beam Is my friend now

  18. joaquin miguel mallari | October 25, 2017 at 9:41 am | Reply

    She somethimes do things that makes me frustrated and I always make this small issue even bigger thats why we are often having an argument because of my fault.Well I already confess to her but she said that im too nice and kind for her and she doesn’t deserve me I explained to her that I am being honest on what I said that all of our argument are started by me since I don’t want to end our relationship I always say sorry for the things i’ve done to her but she refuse it she said that it is not my fault and now when I want to talk to her or having a conversation with her she doesn’t reply.She stated that what if I don’t want it anymore(our relationship) i’m totally shocked when I saw her message and I ask myself why did I do this why did I ruin everything why she doesn’t love me anymore.I already said that she is my first love but why would she leave me like thats since then she doesn’t wanna speak to me or having a conversation at me.

  19. I married my old flame after Divorcing my ex-wife of 28 years,now i realize “Why” my ex-wife said call your old flame .4 years later i married her. And now. I see what I didnt see and what my ex-wife did.Big clue if your lady you are thinking of marrying accepts you as you are and doesnt complain or notice flaws in “You”She might be in denial and hasn’t awoke from a coma????When she wakes up and. Complains about everything you say and do.Reality just hit her and you. Are paying the price.I find that more and more my wife concealed her true thoughts and feelings.Even in a psych. Evaluation. I was sure a red flag went off “But” No. So now im married to a minister who cant express deep feelings of compassion but express es in general terms .So here i am in a marriage Living for God and shes jealous of my children by my ex-wife go figure??

  20. Lets see. Met her in the US but she was not not legal in the US. Brought her to Canada and I was put in prison because they say I was trafficking here so I used up my savings to pay for the lawyer and bail. I proposed because from all if this she is a great woman. Months later I lost my Job and my security clearance because of what happened to my at the border. I couldn’t pay my credit cards. She lost the first engagement ring I gave her right in front of me. They 6 months later and surprised her with another ring and proposed at Niagara Falls Canada. Again, she lost the ring. We got married, I depleted my life savings, lost my credit, helped her kids and family, Lost everything in the states, and I’m in debt. Working in canada 4 jobs, and barely making it or paying the bills. She’s hanging around with this lady that treats her husband like crap and always says you need to travel and live until the end. Then 2 years later she tells me after my birthday that she’s not in love with me. We live in the same house but sleep in different rooms. She cheats on me but then regrets it. Now she wants nothing. Im still here helping, feeding them, taking them around, being the best father for her kids. (I dont have kids). and then my car gets stolen..

    I dont understand women. Ive been there for her in every way, and she’s was always so sweet and loving to me. That lady she hanged around with was the one that changed her because she acts like her. I sacrficed my career, my savings and retirement, left home to live in another country, was put in prison because I did the nice thing of bringing her .working 4 jobs compared to my government job in the states and no chance of getting it back, lots two engagement rings, and my car was stolen. I am so destroyed and I really believed in marriage. I stick to it but my dreams, my future is all gone. My self esteem is super low. I hate myself, but I still love her. Why? Maybe it’s because someone else changed her and I want the real her back. I have no kids, and I’m 47. You can imagine how I feel. I wanted one child a wife and a home, now I have someone that dont love me, no child of my own, no home back in the states, no money, no credit and over 50k in debt Being good to someone else destroyed my life and dreams

    • I feel sorry for you brother because you have lost so much. I want to tell you that Demon is responsible for everything you lost. Give your life to Jesus Christ. All will be well. Watch Emmanuel TV of TB joshua you can see so many people that used to be with the same case as yours but Jesus has changed their Life for good.

  21. Amen, Brother. To whom it may concern:
    There isn’t anything mistacle about a woman, or man leaving a commitment. Period.
    When the person, whether he, or she does this, it destroys family: Period:yes, Period.
    In life, we do not get any”re-do’s” technically.
    Actually, what we get is reality and nothing else.
    Life can be cruel. Anyone looking for a fairytale shouldn’t tread on reality, because it will harm you.
    If so, be warned. Life is (actually) thorns, at times.

  22. I’m currently going through it, that is why I’ve stumbled upon this web page

    It is so much clear I’m no more a priority to her, I have just concluded ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, the worst can come, Enough of sympathy and benefits of the doubt

    So many red flags has been shown over the past months but I think I have been over loving to arrive at this reality

    It’s sad ….. It’s so sad and I’m thinking of xxxxxx

  23. After a decade of trying to win my husband’s heart and affections, only to be met with constant indifference, rejection, neglect, being emotionally cut off, little to no intimacy, chronic broken promises, being called stupid, future-faking and disappointment, I have finally given up. I have finally had enough. I have lost interest. And now he is suddenly surprised. Now he suddenly cannot understand why I have grown cold, even after countless attempts to communicate with him, begging, trying to reason…he is the one who is surprised.

    A woman can only do so much, try so much, take so much. You can’t let a flower wither away, not water it, not feed it, and expect it to thrive…to be bright and beautiful. I literally have nothing left to give.

    I have a question for the men here…if you spent all evening (after working a full day) cooking your wife a nice warm meal, and you presented it in a romantic setting, only to be told how she is not interested right now, then having to watch her walk away, being left at the table alone with all that food, being ignored for the rest of the night – how would that make you feel? I know how that feels.

    If you had to hear: “Oh it will happen, oh we can go out sometime, oh we can go away together sometime, oh I will spend time with you, oh I will help you with that” a million times over, but she never delivered…how would that make you feel? I know how that feels. I even know what it feels like to be driven to a restaurant for the first time in months for a date (excited and all dolled up) only to make it to the door and then being told to turn around and go back to the car, because “he is not in the mood anymore”…

    Do you know what it feels like to be locked out of your own house, because you had to work late, or you spent some time with your best friend who you haven’t seen in months…and you lost track of time and got home half an hour late (even after calling her to let her know), and she wouldn’t unlock the door so you had to sleep in your car? I know how that feels.

    If you were abandoned every time there was a crisis…if something in the house broke and needed to be fixed…if all the responsibility was always on you…If you were let down when you needed her the most, to comfort you or hold you during a difficult time, maybe you lost a relative or maybe you were in physical pain, but she’s never there, how would that make you feel? I know how that feels.

    If she didn’t even look at you twice naked, how would that make you feel? I know how that feels.

    I did not even hear the words: “You look beautiful” on my own wedding day. I was crushed. And I’ve been crushed so many a time after.

    I kept believing if I just loved him enough, If I just worked hard enough, if I just tried harder…that he would let me in…but he never let me in. He only lets strangers in, or his mother.

    I have cried all the tears one can cry over him. I have given everything to him that I could – I have made many personal sacrifices so he can pursue his dreams – I have given up my own dreams so he can follow his. I lost my family, my friends, and even myself in the process…I am all alone and isolated with no support network.

    I have worked hard for many years, caring for him, cleaning for him, cooking for him, picking up his socks, folding his laundry, waiting at him, running him a bath, trying to talk to him, to have a conversation, only to be treated like I am completely invisible while he stares at the computer screen. Even working for him in his business 50+ hours a week at no compensation, no reward, not even a simple “thank you” – I feel so used and abused…and used up. I feel like I wasted my youth on someone who doesn’t even care.

    And now he is blaming me, for being distant.

    There is nothing else I can do, but be distant. I have nothing left. I don’t even have enough strength left to pretend. The tragic part is that I can’t even leave, because I am trapped with no income.

    I have spent so many years slaving away on a one sided relationship and I have nothing to show for it.

    But suddenly, now, he wonders why I am the bitter woman I have become.

  24. Jacob A Fernandez | February 27, 2018 at 5:38 pm | Reply

    If that is the case Melrem then explain my situation. I had an online relationship with a Wonan for near 6 months ( I knew her 7 months ) I met her in July of 2017 the week after the 20th ( not sure the specific day ) I was playing a video game with my Father. Then there was this player , they were good , top of the leader board , rarely died , and worked well with me without voice communication as if we were mentally synchronized. I felt like I had to send them a friend request. After I did they actually accepted it and sent a hello message. I invited them to a party for voice chat and that was when I heard it……. The most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. She was a woman 21 years old ( I am 20 ) she told me ” I don’t usually accept random friend requests but I just felt like I had to this time.” So we started getting to know each other better. Introduced ourselves , ages , states in which we live but not addresses. So I went into it thinking wow my first friend that is a Girl ( no intentions of dating or anything yet. It was to soon. ) But a week after knowing her we became Facebook friends. And then she began messaging me every morning each day. She said ” Hey You. I hope you slept well ” I was like hi whats up? She began to send me messages like ” I want You. ” but said oops it was a typo for ” I want to ” so I thought nothing of it. Then she sends me the crush song I thought ” Is she hinting something? Nah I am just wishful thinking. ” then one day on August 14th , 2017 ( A day I’ll never forget ) while playing with my friends they teased me about her while she was with us. They were just being guys trying joke and embarrass me. But after they left it was the 2 if us. Then she asked ” Sooo why did your friends say those things hmmmm? ” I said “Because they are trying to embarrass me.” She said “why would they try to embarrass you about me?” I said it is what guys do. And began explaining my mindset on how its to soon to have feelings because we just met ( though I was beginning to get them ) and that it would be crazy to this early on because she may have a boyfriend or be lezbo. Any way I talked her into a state of believing I wasn’t interested I guess ( which didn’t mean I wasn’t ) so She replied ” I understand…….. I just thought…….. Thought that maybe……… Maybe you liked me too. ” I heard that and went dumb. I have never heard a woman admit her feelings and she began to apologize. I instantly starting thinking she likes me. So I gave into the thoughts. I told her I did like her ( which I did ) and we began a relationship that escalated over the next months. She had this friend whom she says is in his 40s ( 2x her age ) who gets jealous when she meets new guys. He got upset when she started playing with me and he left her for 3 months not talking for that time. She told me the bad he brought to her life. It made me resent him and put a bad rep on him. But he was her Best friend or so she thinks. ( friends don’t do that ) any way he leaves and she cries about it for a month saying ” I wish people would come into my life and be my friend because they want to not for other reasons. ” and it broke my heart. She and I were the same. I’ve never had people who labelled
    themselves friends and stuck around when they got mad. She and I grew closer. We realised our goals , interests , dreams , desires , religious views , hobbies , and more were in synch. I found myself dreaming of her all day long. Music made me think of her. Women’s Clothes made me imagine her in them. Stuff made me think of her. I realized that I was in Love with her. I told her that day. I went home and called her up and said ” I know we’ve only known each other a few months but it feels like destiny that we met , like God brought us together by chance.” She agreed. I then said ” I Love You.” and she gasped……… Was quiet and then said ” really?! I Love You Too!!!!” we then began calling each other hun , baby , Sexy , etc. She bought
    video games mainly for the reason of playing them with me And our relationship went on without a hitch. She told me she dreamed of marrying me and wanted children with me , she had dirty dreams , she told me she needed me and wanted me in her life , that I made her feel like no man has ever made her feel before and she wanted to snatch me up before another woman could. I thought is she the one? We weren’t official yet though due to a few reasons. She is in Nursing school. Last year but she has to finish it before we can begin flying to meet and visit each other. Her Dad’s rule. And we were just wanting to go steady anyways. We aren’t ready for Marriage just yet either XD way to soon. And then she meets these guys. And invites me to play with them. I was like ok. She and all but one left and it was he and I alone. He began asking questions about her. Is she single , whats she like , etc. Stuff like he was interested. Of course jealousy set in. But I told him how it was politely. Told him she and I knew each other a few months and were kinda in Love. He immediately backed off and said he too went through that and his didn’t work. But he wished us to. I said thanks and things were good. Until I told her what happened and she sent a text sounding mad upset. Saying ” what!? What did you say to him exactly?! We aren’t dating yet either just saying! Why couldn’t he just have asked me? ” I felt like she was mad that I told him and ruined her chances with him. It instilled jealousy and mistrust in me. I told her I am sorry I ruined your plans. And said a lot of things. Left her a day to reply and explain herself. She was silent the whole time. So I guessed she was done and I said ” I just want to be friends. ” Then she starts saying she is sorry for hurting me and she didn’t mean it how it sounded and that she wants me no one else. And so I believed her and forgave and then in December the 40 year old guy comes back. She accepted him in like nothing was wrong. And started spending more time with him than me. Bought games to play with him and told me not to buy them too cause she didn’t think I’d like them. No matter how I tried to join them she pushed me out each time. I’d say ” Can I atleast join your party and meet this guy? To ease my conscience? ” she said ” I don’t know how he’ll feel about that.”
    And she stopped messaging me every day , my flirts got shot down saying ” Woah! Thats a little forward don’t you think? ” I made plans to video chat on Skype on Valentine’s day ( I had bought her a wonder woman card saying ” For the Amazing Woman I Love” and I wanted to show her and read it to her face to face ) I was trying to work out the arrangements with her and she seemed not interested. “I asked are you free that night or going to study class?” she said I don’t know yet. And I asked so would you want to reschedule or what? And I asked if that night would do she said ” I guess so. ” in a cold bored voice. It broke my heart. She had stopped messaging me all the time , she was not spending time with me , she didn’t try to plan with me anymore , she was not communicating or talking to me about her problems like she once did , I felt like I was losing her. And then I broke up with her after she told me about an ex she never mentioned after telling me I knew about them all a few months earlier. Lying to me saying she had never been in a relationship before and she brings up this guy. They were in the same situation we were. Online long distance relationship , waiting to meet , no physicall interaction , and she told me she just got bored of him. And doesn’t count him cause they didn’t last long. It frieghtened me. She listed all the things we couldn’t do. I asked how do I know she won’t get bored of me? Or if she takes me seriously cause we are long distance. She said she did but I felt differently. And then she started saying ” I don’t know if I am ready. ” “I said for what?” She said ” a relationship. ” ” I asked then why all the stuff over the last 5 months? Was it all a lie?” she said ” Not a lie ” but I felt she was saying she is done. So I broke us up. And I’ve regreted it. After the break up she opened up about how she is failing nursing school and will lose her scholarships if she does abd will be out for good. She said how it stressed her and it made me open my eyes. I felt horrible ( but how could I have known when she stopped telling me these things no matter how much I asked her about it? ) She then told me she was done for now. We tried being friends but I kept asking her for the truth as to what was going on. And she left me forever. Blocked me and everything. Now she is gone and all I have is love for someone I am afraid never loved in the first place. I don’t hate her. I am torn between wanting her back and not because did I really know who she was? Was she lying all along?
    She told me the 40 year old guy wanted to meet me to but she was the one keeping us separate. Why? She caused a rift between 2 important men in her life for what? She made me not trust him and I got jealous. I feel stupid. She was lying about something. Can you tell me what it was? Explain where I went wrong. I loved for who she is or was telking me she was. I supported her goal in nursing school. I was caring and compassionate until the jealousy. Tried to be after to. But she started prying away. I feel like she found some one else or something.

  25. juanitajuniper | July 27, 2018 at 8:05 pm | Reply

    You are living with a narcissist and have suffered narcissistic abuse for all these years. Start reading about narcissistic personality disorder, you will get stronger as you learn more and more and how this has nothing to do with YOU, except the fact that you are empathetic and a pleaser, putting others’ needs ahead of yours always. You will get stronger, you will get a job, you can find someone to live with, a family member, distant, friend, you WILL make new friends or reconnect with old ones. Don’t give up, you still have a lot of life to live. YOU WILL GET BETTER !!

  26. juanitajuniper | July 27, 2018 at 8:16 pm | Reply

    Getting to know someone “online” is nearly impossible, people can act like whoever they want to. Sometimes a person only needs the excitement of meeting someone new (virtually) and the chatting is fun and they don’t really need a real live friend. It’s easy to feel you’ve fallen in love with someone through words, writing, etc, but if you think about it, you really never knew this person to begin with. I think a really good idea would be for you to get out in public more, maybe get a job if you don’t have one, and meet REAL PEOPLE. This experience will make you a tiny bit more cautious and even tougher the next time you meet someone. Then you will get experience dealing with women after awhile and you’ll be able to have boundaries in place and not trust everyone right away. Don’t rush into relationships anymore, there are many people out there!!! No one is entitled to your love until they prove they are worthy of it! Remember your worth.

  27. women are most difficult machines on earth. Their emotional trains are triggered frequently from petty things. They prefer to die under the excess emotional baggage instead of communicating these to their partners. They implicitly want their men to dance to their tunes no matter how disjointed these are. Women expect men to lick the toes of her parents, other family members and friends while keeping her husbands loved ones at bay. They go to the extent of using children against their own father. If you want some respite in life do following things each day
    Tell her that you are most beautiful girl in the world

    Never ask for any financial assistance

    Say I love you while looking deep into her eyes

    Never go for sex if she is not ready better jerk off

    Besides her also buy gifts for her mother even if she is whore

    Always be back home early from work even at the cost of your job

    Always carry a flower for her whenever you get back home.

    Treat her like a kid while overlooking her all mistakes.

    When ever she is cooking go and help her

    Always tell your children that you have best mom in the world even if she is worst

    Take therapies to control your anger

    If doing all these things can’t get happy then show her the exit route. You have the right to happiness tooo

  28. Found this article on google.com and so glad I did. This comment section is so relatable it’s unreal

  29. Been “married” for 13 years. Though we grew up and went to school together we didn’t start a relationship till after graduating, it was just late night fun at first but wee married once she became pregnant a few months in. I have put her on a pedestal since day 1 but its clear she doesn’t feel the same way towards me and id say 11 of the 13 years she’s been living her own life at work and while I was working. My last 2 jobs I’ve lost due to me working rotating shifts and not being able to focus on my job because I’m to focused on what she’s doing at home or wherever she may be. We have a total of 5 kids and she’s a great mother but not only does she lie about everything when asked but she won’t even acknowledge the stuff she’s let slip out. All 10 things listed above are things that coincide with us/me. It’s clear she’s only “married” for the kids and doesn’t eel anything for me. Great article and 100% accurate

  30. well same thing!! the girl i fell inlove with before changed alot she even cussed me out whenever shes mad then will apologize in the end saying that shes upset, hurt etc., although in the whole course of our relationship she never said bad words to me nor cussed regardless how many times we fight!! she even blamed me for losing her friends (though all they’ve done to her is to hurt and make her cry) like right now shes treating me like shit maybe she really dont love me or never love me at all

  31. I have been with my wife 16 yrs, married for 12. The last three years have been an emotional roller coaster. My wife hasn’t shown me any affection for the past 2years. She hasn’t told me she loves me once, without me saying that I love her, but when she tells me she loves me in response, it feels so empty. The words sound forced out.Thats how its been for the past year. She never tells me she loves me out of the blue, nor does she even touch me. She constantly puts me down and verbally abuses me. its ok for her to leave or go do what she needs to, as far as errands, but I cant go no where without a fight. She never lets me talk without steppin all over my convo. She never wants to hear what I have to say or cares about how I feel. Most times she just gets offended. The passed nine months we have had sex twice. She constantly nic picks at me about anything to the point that we agreeing to disagree. She has become this controlling, Narcisstic, hateful person. Everything that describes her character defects, she says that I am, or im the blame for why she is the way she is. I’m just so broken and falling a part. I haven’t left because of my children. They see how she treats me but say nothing. I can tell in their faces, that their thinking, “any day now dad isn’t going to leave for work, and not come back home from work.” I just cant leave because I love my kids so much, and yes I love her too. I don’t know what to do?? I just want my marriage back. I just want to be happy again.

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