lovely couple

Marriage is a wonderful thing to experience, but sometimes, it’s often made out to be something so perfect without challenges, and that is not true. There is no such thing as a perfect marriage, there’ll always be one challenge or another to face the moment you embark on that journey, and unless you’re prepared for it by getting in the right frame of mind, and knowing the basics of relationship and marriage, you’ll not be able to handle those challenges when they come because you’ll be taken unawares.

So it is a matter of importance that you know the following before you get married.

1. You must know that there’s no such thing as a perfect marriage. No marriage is without its own flaws, no matter how little. However, your own marriage can be successful if you want it to be. You must be willing to make sacrifices, forgive, understand, tolerate and coexist with you partner in order for you to have a good marriage.

2. It takes two to tango. Marriage, like anything involving more than one person requires joint efforts from all involved for it to be successful. You and your partner must work together to stay together. Let him/her be your partner in everything, not just in bed. Share everything, discuss everything and always keep each other in the loop regarding whatever concerns either of you. No marriage can work without concerted efforts from the man and the woman.

3. Keep your marriage away from your friends. Not a bad thing to keep friends as a married person, but you must know the manner of things you discuss with them. Keep all topics relating to your spouse and marriage away from them — sometimes, those who you regard as your ‘friends’ are nothing but foes waiting to bring you down and see you unhappy, and other times, they could give you wrong advice that wouldn’t augur well for your relationship.

4. People change. Just because your partner was calm and sweet before marriage is no guarantee that they’ll stay that way all their life; so you must be prepared for any possibility. Everyone has a bad side to them; you can only wish that they do not have to expose that part.

5. Wife-beaters are not made in a day, they usually start from somewhere. If your man shows signs of violence more than once before marriage, he’s most likely to be an incorrigible wife-beater even after marriage.

6. In the same vein, cheaters are not made in one day, they also start from somewhere. If your partner cheats on you even once before marriage, and you go ahead to marry him, be prepared for constant heartbreak. Old habits die hard.

7. Nobody wants to be in a marriage where there’s little money and material gains to be enjoyed, but that doesn’t mean that you should marry for money. People who marry for money instead of love are usually miserable for as long as they’re in that marriage.

8. Marry for love; marry someone you love so much, but never marry someone who doesn’t love you as much as you do them because you’ll never be valued in that marriage.

9. Cheating does not have anything to do with love, it’s just an action born out of a moment of lust and immaturity. A man/woman can love you and still cheat on you.

10. You must protect your marriage. Just because you got lucky enough to be married to them does not mean that other people would not want to have a piece of what you’re enjoying. There’ll always be one man/ woman out there trying to put your marriage asunder, and they’ll do anything to realise that objective, therefore, you must continuously strive to keep your marriage together by doing everything you can to please and keep your partner happy. Look good for them, love them, compliment them, tease them, spoil them, give them attention, and treat them as if you just met them. That is the only way your marriage will continue to feel fresh and survive.