Today’s world is getting worse because a lot of parents aren’t doing a good job with their kids. Raising a child might not really be an easy task, especially when you have to juggle parenting and your career together.

A parent is a child’s first influence, and being a good parent will go a long way in that child’s life.

Being a good man/woman wouldn’t necessarily make you a good parent; it’s being a good father/mother, figurehead, role model etc that will make you a good parent.

These are some ways you can be a good parent.

1. A good parent is involved in the daily growth of their children. A good parent doesn’t only cater for the child, but is involved in the growth of that child.

2. Children learn a lot from the examples parents show them; they’re watching you even when you don’t know it. A good parent sets good examples at all times. Like they say: “Children do what you do, not what you say”.

3. A good parent is involved in the child’s education. A good parent is interested in the child’s education and is involved in it.

4. A good parent tries to help create a balance for the child in not only education, but various aspects of the child’s life — morally, socially and spiritually.

5. A good parent corrects the child from a young age, and teaches the child what’s right and what’s wrong.

6. A good parent teaches the child to have certain core values like respect for others, selflessness, to apologise when wrong and to maintain honesty at all times.

7. A good parent showers the child with love, and is emotionally available for their child.

8. A good parent creates a friendly and positive relationship with their child. A good parent isn’t distant from their child.

9. A good parent knows how to talk their children, especially as they grow older. A lot of children tend to become distant from their parent as they grow older. This happens most times because many parents don’t know how to talk to their children.

10. As hard as this might be, but a good parent accords their children a degree of respect as they get older.


Being a good parent doesn’t end at providing for your children; it goes way beyond that.