man making phone call`

Using a mobile phone is important for the modern man as it helps the modern man communicate with better with his family and business associates.

While the use of a mobile phone is really important, care should be taken by all men as the use of mobile phones also come with its dangers.

According to a study from the Technion University in Haifa, men who carry their mobile phone in a trouser pocket or talk on it for just an hour a day risk suffering fertility problems.

The researchers found that a man’s sperm count can be reduced by talking on a phone that is charging or even keeping it close by on a bedside table at night.

The researchers believe heat and electromagnetic activity which emanates from a mobile phone kills a sperm.

The researchers made this discovery after monitoring 106 men attending a fertility clinic for a year.

According to the study published in Reproductive BioMedicine, men who made calls for more than an hour daily were twice as likely to have a low sperm quality as those who made calls for less than an hour.

The study isn’t also good news for men who made calls while charging their phones as the researchers found that men who talked on the phone as it charged were almost twice as likely to suffer fertility problems.

The researchers also found 47 percent of men who kept their phones within 20 inches of their groin had sperm levels seriously affected, compared with just 11 percent of the general population.

So if you plan getting a woman pregnant now or in future, you are advised to turn off your mobile phone while charging or keep it at least 20 inches from the groin.