When I was having trouble understanding women, I remember going to my women friends for advice. I figured; “hey, they’re women, so they should have a clue and be able to help me out.” But I was wrong! The advice they gave me seemed sound, and it meshed with what I had always thought about women, but it didn’t really work out at the end.

This sometimes pisses women off, but the truth is, the average woman does not understand what attracts them to one guy vs another.

What they say they want in a man is not what they actually date and stay with. Most women, when you bring your problems about understanding another woman to them, will try to make you feel better about what is going on. It is just like when you try to date a woman, she is not going to tell you straight out – “hey, I’m really not interested.” A woman friend is not going to burst your ego and tell you, “hey, it sounds as though she just doesn’t like you, move on.” Instead, she’ll will give you rationalizations, like “maybe she is just coming out of a bad relationship, “Maybe she really isn’t getting your calls, “Maybe she just likes you too much and is afraid of getting into something right now.” Blah, blah, blah.

Women tend to be emotional and will always think about how what they say is going to make you feel. So take their advice on their fellow females might not always work. Why do women, even our female friends, do this to us? I believe it is mostly because they don’t want to deal with questions like “so tell me why she doesn’t like me” and “is there something wrong with me?” without hurting your feelings. They would rather try to soothe it over and nudge you gently in another direction, rather than being straight up about their suspicions and hurt you.

Women tend to be all about emotions and emotional reactions, while a lot of men tilt towards being straightforward. While men may deal from a place of emotions, they don’t take time to necessarily look at the emotional side of the equation. They would rather have simple, non-emotionally clouded answers. Of course, there are a few men who think like women over certain issues, but the numbers don’t compare to that of women in my opinion.

The trouble is that our women friends do nothing more than cloud the issue rather than setting us straight. So personally, it may not be the best idea to turn to a woman for relationship advice if you’re a man, because in the end, you probably end up more confused than you were.