A good love story is to women what alcohol is to men. Women feel awed whenever they hear a good story, they wish theirs could be so; they need that prince charming to sweep them off their feet.

Ever noticed which gender fills a wedding reception hall? Females of course; they love weddings more than a kid loves ice cream; the scenes of love and romance takes their mind to a distant land where love is the only thing that exists there; they live in a world called Utopia.

Ever watched a love movie with a lady? Picture the whole experience; picture how the movie toys with her emotions and watch her as she even plays a role in her subconscious even when she knows the movie is a fictional or imaginational product of someone’s mind.

But you definitely wouldn’t blame them; a good love story is never a bad thing. She finds solace in it, it gives her that sense of belonging; in a world where guys are emotionally distant and the only thing a woman can do is just dream of that perfect love. You wouldn’t blame her if she eventually finds solace in that fictional love story because you don’t know what her heart has been through.

She has been a victim of love; guys have shown her that there is little or no love. She doesn’t really know what true love is, so all she can do is imagine.

A good love story gives a lady hope. It makes her have that belief that someday someone would love her extraordinarily for who she really is and make her feel comfort even when her heart has been plunged by thorns disguised as guys. There is definitely nothing wrong in hoping.

A good love story is like a medicine pill; it brings that soothing relief although temporarily, but it gives a lady much relief that words can’t explain. It gives her happiness and makes her believe that love isn’t an unimaginable thing to hope for and hold on to; she feels that love isn’t far-fetched after all.

A good love story is definitely romantic and who doesn’t love the magic that comes with romance, the thrill, and the feelings that wants to take you out of this world. It also teaches her some do’s and don’ts and ways to get that perfect romance in her life.

Men love to face the hard real world the way it is but women don’t see it that way; they are like a rose that needs to be constantly watered. The world would be a boring and hardcore place if everyone thinks like a man. The world would have no feelings if a woman’s love doesn’t exist; it would be bereft of all the good tidings that love brings; it would be unlivable. I don’t even want to picture it.

Yes, women love a good love story and we shouldn’t blame them for that. Guess the best we can do is help create a true love story for them. Let’s show the women some love.