leader communicating

A lot of people vie for leadership positions for what they can get and not for what they have to offer; a true leader is better than that. A true leader understands the concept of leadership and followership and he’s one who does the following:

1. A true leader also respects his followers.

2. A true leader leads by examples. It isn’t just about what he says but also what he does.

3. A true leader isn’t one that’s proud and full of ego, a true leader is also humble.

4. A true leader has guts and trusts his instincts.

5. True leaders are passionate about their jobs and whatever they do and they know how to transfer the passion to their followers.

6. True leaders don’t just control their followers, they inspire them.

7. True leaders are learners; they are willing to learn from every situation and get better for it.

8. True leaders find a balance between being too soft and being too harsh. They find the balance to getting things right.

9. True leaders know how to reprimand their followers without being harsh, abusive and making them feel stupid.

10. True leaders are men and women of integrity.

11. True leaders are good listeners.

12. True leaders are courageous people.

13. True leaders know how to bring out the best in their followers.

14. True leaders have passion for their jobs and this passion transfers to their followers.

15. True leaders seek knowledge.

16. True leaders also have a good heart.


Whether you are a sportsman, a businessman, a politician or a boss at work; true leadership doesn’t just lie in the title or tag you carry about, it’s about the values you show.