dream couple

People have their dream cars, dream house, dream jobs and so many other things they dream of but not many times have we heard of a dream relationship.

Today is another segment of our Elcrema Sunday Love special which holds every two Sundays; a segment dedicated strictly to discussions about relationships as it affects everyone.

Today’s topic is slightly different as we have to search within our soul to provide an answer to this question.

I would be handling this with Drama; we would both share our views on what our dream relationship is—we would be delighted to know yours too.

First let’s read what Drama sees as a dream relationship


Everyone has a dream relationship. You know, that relationship you wanna have; your ideal relationship. Here’s mine…For starters, If I’m gonna be in a relationship with you must be decent-looking. I’m not saying you have to be as pretty as one of those Victoria’s secret models, but you must be good-looking, reason being that I wanna be able to introduce you to people, and be proud while at it. Again, you must be smart. I don’t wanna be in a relationship with a woman who cannot add value to me mentally. You must be mentally strong, and willing to assist me with some of the challenges I may face.

I wanna be in a relationship with a woman who breathes decorum. She knows how to talk to her man, and people around her. I want a relationship where there’s full understanding between myself and the woman because in the absence of it, there’s confusion, endless quarrelling. I want a relationship where there’s unbroken communication, where I’m able to pass my emotions across to her without any restrictions. A relationship devoid of nagging, cheating, deception, and disrespect.

In other words, my dream relationship is a ‘perfect relationship’. And of course, I know we don’t always get what we want, but one can only dream. Lol.

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