woman hugging her man

Forgiveness is an important tool for a marriage to be successful. Forgiveness takes, love, a tender heart and commitment, and that’s what makes it seem too big a task for many partners to practice.

A beautiful marriage is usually between two forgivers, who not only love each other but are willing to forgive each other a lot of the times. A marriage can never be peaceful and successful when forgiveness is lacking.

Forgiveness might seem painful, hurtful and so difficult, but it’s the key to having a beautiful marriage.

We all make mistakes and we are all imperfect; this makes forgiveness highly important for every marriage.

A lack of forgiveness is usually characterised by anger, pain, bitterness, resentment and hypocrisy; how then can your marriage survive when all these exist?

You might feel you’re doing your partner a favour by forgiving them, but it’s you who benefit more when you forgive, and your marriage benefit most. You let go of a lot toxic energy when you forgive, and the peace that comes with this can never be priced.

The mind tricks you into holding grudges, into resenting your partner, and making you believe that it’s just impossible to forgive. It makes you hold your heart with so much grip, and at the end, this makes you mentally, emotionally and physically drained.

The power of forgiveness shouldn’t be joked with, and you can never have a beautiful marriage when you don’t forgive.