Also known as Halitosis, mouth odour is simply smelly mouth. When your mouth emits an unpleasant smell, it’s probably a result of this condition known as halitosis.

There are several known causes of mouth odour, including poor oral hygiene, poor dieting, other diseases, dry mouth, etc. Dry mouth is when there’s limited saliva in the mouth. Eating too much garlic and onions can also destroy ones breath. Poor oral hygiene is when you don’t prioritise keeping your mouth clean. How can one not brush for two days at a stretch? When you do that, you allow micro organisms have a field day with your mouth.

Now, let’s go to ways to cure and keep bad breath at bay.


1. Avoid certain foods. I mentioned that foods like onions and garlic can cause your breath to have a horrible smell, so it makes sense to advice that you stay away from them. You don’t have to eat these things in their raw forms really. I know they’re healthy and all, but the side effect isn’t great. If you’re so drawn to them, you can’t fight it, at least, brush thoroughly afterwards.


2. Stay hydrated. Stress is a leading cause of dehydration, which often results in dryness of the mouth. Get anointed rest as you can. Drink lots of water, and sleep well.


3. Rid your mouth of plaques. Plaques are a leading cause of bad breath. Every now and then, check for them on your teeth, and remove them thoroughly. It’s not every time a brush can do the job, so a visit to the doctor may be your best option. I know people who use office pins to get them off too, but you’ll have to be very careful so you don’t hurt your gums.


4. Brush thoroughly. It’s not enough to brush your teeth alone, brush your tongue and upper mouth. Otherwise, you’ll just allow the materials left by Micro organisms to fester and get worse. Brush your tongue thoroughly until you no longer see the whitish/yellowish stuff on it.


5. Use a mouth wash or minty bubble gum/candy. Buy yourself a mouth wash, and use it after every meal or when you feel like you need to. Minty bubble gum and candy, you’ll need because you may not be able to brush always.