Everyone has the right to get married when they want to. Some get married at 21, others at 51, and some do not even feel the need to. So it’s a matter of choice and understanding. However I’m doing this for the benefit of those who are interested in marriage, and settling down with their dream man/woman.

Marriage is a very important affair; it is something that can make you happier if done right and can be full of regrets if done with the wrong person. The reason why some people choose to marry late is because they are mostly afraid of the union. This is why you see people marrying when they’re getting much older. Of course, there are those who just chose not to, but a lot of people don’t because they’re just scared. If you fall into either category, perhaps, you’ll think different about marriage after you read this post.

So what is the benefit you stand to gain from an early marriage? Well, the first one is early childhood birth. I’m not about to say it’s always so, but in some cases of late marriages, you realise that by the time the couple get together, to make babies, there’s a brick wall somewhere, and that’s because by then, it’s likely that the reproductive health of one of them would have been deteriorated. Menopause in women is a very good example of this. But apart from that, men’s reproductive health also can be damaged over time due to the things they eat or take in their body. So it’s a safer measure to get married early so you get the children while your body can still allow it.

Early childbirth then has its benefits; from giving you ample time to focus on other areas of your life, like your career and spouse for example, to allowing you enjoy the fruits of parenthood. The earlier the kids come, the earlier you train them with the resources you have, the earlier they grow, and the earlier you enjoy the fruits of your labor.

So these are some of the things one could enjoy from getting married on time, rather than waiting until they’re older, but remember like I said before now, it’s all a matter of choice and what makes you happy.