Marriage isn’t a bed of roses, no matter how much anyone tries to paint it otherwise, but that doesn’t imply in any way that you cannot enjoy it.

The reason a lot of women fail to enjoy theirs is because they have allowed themselves be brainwashed into living by society’s rules and standards, instead of staying true to the cores of marriage.

To enjoy your marriage as a woman, you need to be able to make your partner happy, and that cannot happen unless you keep to the following rules.

1. Do not raise your voice to your man; that’s disrespectful.

2. Do not expose his weakness(es) to family and friends, because it just bounces back to you. You are supposed to be his protector.

3. Do not communicate with him using attitude and moods, he may misinterpret it.

4. Do not compare your man to other men – it only bruises his ego, and that can dent his love for you in the long run.

5. Do not punish his friends because you ‘do not like them’. That isn’t your responsibility, but his.

6. You’re your husband’s wife; do not delegate your responsibilities to another woman – your kids or maid.

7. Do not talk him down because he didn’t come back with things you expected. If anything, you should be lifting his spirit.

8. Do not be wasteful. Manage the resources you have carefully.

9. Always remember that s*x is important in marriage. Never deny him of such pleasure to hurt him or pass a point.

10. Do not disrespect your man before his own children. That can destroy him in so many ways.

11. You must cater for him physically too, in the sense that you make sure he looks as good as you want your man looking. If he goes out looking awful, you’re the one who will also be dragged.

12. Keep your friends at arm’s length from your man and marriage.