For centuries now, the saying that ‘what a man can do, a woman can do even better’ has triggered a debate and competitiveness of some sort between the female and male genders, with the female folks especially, feeling the need to constantly prove that there is some truth in the statement, and show the world that they are no less humans than men are. And time and again, women have shown that indeed they can go all the way, given the opportunity, with their participation in almost as much activities as you find the men in—be it sports, politics, education, acting, music, role play.

Talking about role-playing and reversals, these days, you find more women taking up responsibilities that we grew up thinking were naturally reserved for men. Women now propose relationships to men…even sex have been given a different twist, and the idea that men have the monopoly of giving women sexual pleasure and satisfaction, rendered untrue.

With all of these feats, however, there remains an area where women are yet to fully assert their ever growing confidence. Among other things, we have seen them take up the role of a man in bed, in certain parts of the world, we have seen them propose relationships to men, but we are yet to see a woman propose marriage to a man. No matter how much in love with a man she is, you will never see a woman propose marriage to him. She’d rather sit back and hope he pops the question instead. So I keep thinking, if women can achieve and do so much over the years, why is this one area so difficult for them to conquer? Is it for fear of rejection or fear of being viewed as ‘too desperate’ by the society? I have my own thoughts as to why, but I’d like you, especially our female fans to tell us why they think women find it awkward to ask a man to marry them. Guys, you are not left out; all contributions will be appreciated.