woman smiling in bed

There have been lots of arguments around this issue of wearing a bra to bed; while some women support it, some are against it.

There are lots of myths too regarding this issue without any real scientific finding.

Some believe that wearing a bra to bed would help maintain perky boobs, while others believe it can lead to cancer of the breast.

Let me share with you some insightful tips about wearing bras to bed.

1. Some bras can raise your temperature while you are asleep. Breasts ought to be in a lower temperature from the rest of your body, but wearing bras to bed can raise the temperature of your breast tissue to 37 degrees.

2. Wearing bras to bed can help women with bigger breasts. It would help keep the boobs firm from moving sideways and when laid upon. This would help prevent your breasts from being dragged and in turn prevent stretch marks.

3. Wearing an undersized bra to bed can cause skin irritation, affect blood flow and can even lead to chronic inflammation. It would also make your sleep uncomfortable.

4. Wearing underwire bras to bed can cause lesions and even cysts.

5. Wearing the right bras to bed can boost comfort. But it has to be the right size and an original cotton bra that’s breathable. Wearing a soft-cup bra can also boost comfort.

6. Wearing the right bra to bed might not really make your breasts perky but it would slow down the ageing process.

7. Wearing bras regularly can create a breeding ground for fungi and would also cause hyperpigmentation leading to the darkening of that area of your skin.


Wearing bras to bed definitely has its pros and its cons.