sad couple

Dating a guy who doesn’t love you is a waste time of time and energy. It’s better you remain single than be with a man that doesn’t love you.

When it comes to deciding if he loves you or not, his actions would make the job easy for you.

Below are 20 signs your boyfriend doesn’t love you

1.You are not his priority

2. He treats you the way he treats others. There isn’t any special treatment for you.

3. He is always busy to spend quality time with you.

4. He forgets things about you and things you tell him.

5. He will never say he is sorry even when he’s wrong.

6. He compares you to other women.

7. You don’t know personal details about his life because he isn’t willing to share them with you.

8. He keeps secrets.

9. You don’t know his friends and family.

10. He isn’t interested in meeting your friends and family.

11. He doesn’t respect things that are important to you.

12. He has lots of girls around him and he prefers spending time with them.

13. Everything you do annoys him. It’s just difficult to please him.

14. He doesn’t trust you.

15. You are certain he is cheating.

16. He rarely keeps in touch with you. It’s just you calling and texting.

17. He prefers hanging out with friends than spending time with you.

18. He never offers to help you.

19. He talks to you without respect.

20. You feel it deep inside of you that he doesn’t love you.