A while ago I did an article on 7 signs your partner is ashamed of you, highlighting some obvious signs people tend to exhibit when they are ashamed of their partner.

People fall in love sometimes with the wrong person, but one of the worst kinds of persons to fall in love and have a relationship with is a partner that would be ashamed of you. Dating a partner that’s ashamed of you is as bad as having a partner that would cheat on you, or probably even worse; both would leave you hurt and emotionally depressed.

It’s ludicrous that people tend to be in this kind of relationship where their partner would rather love them only indoors than when they are out, it’s more like an official setting between boss and employee. This is probably borne out of the ‘I must be in a relationship’ mentality and also being blinded by an emotion I’d rather not call love.

When a partner is ashamed of you, it’s the same as a partner not knowing your worth; it’s the same as you being blinded in a relationship when you can actually have someone that would love you for you; having a partner that’s ashamed of you just kills everything a real relationship should stand for.

If you find yourself in that relationship where you aren’t really valued by your partner, there are certain things you must know; the relationship would hardly ever get serious than that, only one person would get hurt which is obviously you, and you are probably being used as a tool.

If your partner doesn’t pride in you, it’s best you leave that relationship than to be maltreated; you deserve better.