How many people can claim to being in a relationship without having cheated on their partner? Or how many people can say their partners have always been true and faithful to them?

Faithful relationships these days are scarce in comparison to relationships where one or both partners have an extra affair. So, can we now say that because cheating has become rampant and normal, it’s now an inevitable part of relationships?

Drama and Shawn would discuss this on this Sunday’s edition of our bi-weekly Sunday Love Special.


First of all, what is cheating? You do not only cheat on your partner when you have sex with someone else; cheating can happen in more than one way. When you share with someone else what only your partner should be exclusively entitled to, it may be considered cheating. For example, if you have a fight with your partner, and you stop talking to them, and go to someone else to seek companionship and friendship, no matter how innocent it may seem, you are cheating. Sometimes, you do not even have to seek companionship or some sort of satisfaction elsewhere as a result of a fight with your partner, you may do it just to feel good, but it is still cheating. Sex with another person isn’t only what cheating is, it is going behind your partners’ back to seek some sort of satisfaction elsewhere. Now, the satisfaction could be sexual or emotional, but as long as your partner isn’t aware of it, it is called cheating.

Alright, now that we understand fully what cheating is, do i think it is an inevitable problem? Well, i think it is very prevalent in most relationships. There are a lot of men and women who are together and pretend to be faithful lovers (partners) while they cheat on the other person in one way or another. And i think that this is largely owing to the adventurous nature of most humans. We want to get all the thrill we can get out of life, even when it may be unhealthy for us and those around us. Some people have an amazing relationship and a wonderful partner, but cheat just because they feel ‘bored’ or in need of something new. Yes, most people do not cheat because they do not love the person they’re already with, but because they want to ‘try new things’. But this doesn’t mean that we all have to give in to such yearnings; there are also people who know how to (and) shut such tempting thoughts out when they come. It just takes great maturity and a sense of responsibility to do it. You first, must understand that you do not have to be everybody else. You must understand that you are in control of your emotions and actions. You must understand that your partner has feelings and can hurt, and that they deserve to be respected. And you must understand that disrespecting your partner by cheating on them simply makes you weak. If you’re tired of them, simply walk out of the relationship. So, people, while I very much agree that cheating is a tendency in all relationships, I also think it isn’t inevitable. It is very much avoidable with the right state of mind.

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