There is this cycle that would forever go on as far as relationships are concerned; a guy meets a lady, becomes fascinated by her, asks her out and does everything possible to make sure she says yes to him; he calls regularly, makes her feel like an angel and does every charming thing that most ladies would want her man to do. She’s finally awed by his antics and gives in to his plea and all of a sudden, the ‘so in love man’ forgets all his promises and dances to a different tune; this would make the lady feel frustrated and dejected till she quits the relationship; the guy wouldn’t really feel this till probably months later and then he would want the lady back – that’s the cycle I was referring to.

So many ladies have found themselves in this situation severally and sometimes it’s just tiring and annoying at the same time. The question that goes through most heads of most ladies is “why would he go through all the stress to get me and finally leave unexpectedly?” Scenes like this make women lose that hope of ever being in a relationship that they can finally call home.

There is this popular saying “one man’s meat may be another man’s poison” and it is absolutely true. The lady that was probably used and left (I don’t like the word dumped) by one man would be valued and highly cherished by another. Apparently most men fall victims of this other saying “you wouldn’t value what you have until you lose it”, and this surely is one tape that never stops playing.

I really frown at women who leave a relationship because they were mistreated by their man only to get back to the same relationship when he comes back knocking again; most time this situation wouldn’t pan out well for the woman. There are so many men out there who need half a chance to treat a lady how she ought to be treated, and that’s the point I’m driving at.

The cycle I previously mentioned would always happen but coming out strong is what matters and he most often than not would love to come back; but never let that cycle keep evolving with you, there is someone out there that’s worth that chance, and if you don’t find that person soon enough, life goes on. Don’t fall a victim to a particular menace twice.

And to the fellas out there, it doesn’t go without saying- if you don’t treat your lady right… someone else will.