It’s the New Year! 2016 is gone, and we’re in 2017 already, and I just want to wish you a very happy and fulfilling New Year, 2017. Now, the one thing about a brand new year is that for many, it’s the beginning of a new journey; a new era, and a whole different thing. For some though, it’s same old, and perhaps, an opportunity to finish or continue an already started process.

For those who see a New Year as a new beginning, they usually set out a number of things or something that they intend to achieve, do or see out in that calendar year. It could be a bad habit they want to stop, it could be a house they want to build or they simply want to build broken relationships. However, more often than not, you realise that it’s easier said than done for some. They map out or list things they want to do in the new year, but only a couple of weeks or days into that resolution, they start failing. The reason for that unfortunately isn’t because they can’t really achieve what they have set their minds to achieve, but simply because they lack the knowledge to do so. That is why I have put together a number of things I think you need to do in order to see out that your new year resolution successfully. Please, keep reading.



If you were to carry out a research into why people fail to fulfill their New Year resolution, you’ll find that more than half the people who set out to achieve yearly goals only have those goals etched in their minds only— they don’t have it written down anywhere else, and that is not really advisable. As big and wonderful as our mind is as humans, sometimes, it can forget things, that is why it’s of great necessity to have things of high priority, like your new year resolution written down somewhere for reference. When you have it written down, you can easily go grab it, and glance through for a quick reminder. This is especially true for those who have more than one goal for the year. Having a list makes it easier for you to remember.


Now, this is the part that creates a lot of problems for people. Some people want to be happy, but don’t want to do the required sacrifice needed to achieve that happiness. Sometimes, achieving set goals requires avoiding people in your life that constitute or will constitute distraction. For instance, if your goal for 2017 is to avoid drinking or womanising, then you have to as much as possible, stay away from people, including friends that can cause you to falter or fail in that quest. As painful and difficult as this may appear, it is a sacrifice you need to make to be where you want to be. Like minds should roll together; if your friends are a problem to who you want to work towards becoming, ditch them, and find the right company. That way, you’ll get the right motivation, and encouragement to fulfil your quest.


This is the part that’s most important. Some people just say they want to achieve something, but then, don’t work hard towards achieving that set target. If you want to buy a car in 2017, then, it’s not enough to want it, you have to reach out for it. You have to save up more money than you’re used to saving, which means you’ll have to have less fun or spend less on other things. It’s a necessary sacrifice to get what you want. It’s not enough to want to buy that car; you have to do something different from what you did the previous year to actually get that car. Deny yourself some things and pleasures, and you’ll see how far you can go.


That is all I’ll say for now, and I wish you the very best in your quest to get and be the very best this 2017. Happy New Year once again from me and everyone at