woman in love

This topic has bothered me for a while now, and so I decided it’s time to write something on it.

Many women have become so accustomed to the thoughts of having a man who would open doors for them, pull out seats for them and treat them like queens that they forget to even appreciate the men who try to do this for them. It’s every woman’s dream to have a loving, caring and romantic man for a partner, but how many women have thought about the man’s dream too?

While it’s beautiful to have a man who can do so much for you, it’s even more beautiful to appreciate every bit of what he does. Many women expect big things, huge things and great things from their man, but many of such women give so little and aren’t prepared to give much.

Also, a number of women only get to appreciate the big things done for them and not the little ones. In all honesty, that’s a half-baked appreciation; appreciation should be genuine and every thing done for you should be appreciated in return. I once read a comment somewhere and it stuck ever since: “But how do I get to appreciate when I want more?” A lady asked. This is exactly the same sentiment so many women show, and a wrong one at that. Thoughts like these not only show a lack of appreciation but also selfishness.

A woman shouldn’t only sit back and enjoy all the show of love and affection, but she also has a duty to do same, and also appreciate the things her man does.

A man who feels appreciated would be motivated to do more for his lady, more than the man who’s always abused, criticised or neglected.

As you read this article, I would want you to pick a pen and paper, and write down all the things you feel your partner has done for you in recent times — both the small ones and the big ones. And then ask yourself this question: How much appreciation have you really show your man?