man in the kitchen cooking

Gone are the days when cooking was just a woman’s thing; these days men are becoming very capable in the kitchen department, and half of women now believe that they are actually better.

A survey conducted by The Hundred-Foot Journey revealed that 4 in 10 British women admitted that their man was a better cook than them. Almost half of women refused to cook because their man was better at it.

27% of the women also revealed that their man’s cooking abilities often led to them having rows.

More interestingly, more than a quarter of children preferred their father’s cooking to their mother’s, while 70% of the women admitted that they used their husband’s cooking skills as a bargaining tool to making them cook more.

A lot of the women agreed that their man is more likely to be experimental with his cooking to try exotic ingredients and try more adventurous meals. Men’s bravery in cooking is probably the reason they cook more exotic meals.

According to a spokesperson for the study: “Stereotypically, the kitchen has been seen as an area of the home where women are most comfortable while men struggle to really find their feet.

“But times are changing and more men than ever before are doing their fair share, and in some cases, even taking complete control, over the family’s meals.

“Not only that, but a lucky group of men seem to be so good, they have even got their partner admitting they struggle to match their skills in the kitchen.”

The survey also found that about one in twenty women would hate for their man to find out that they think he’s a better cook; while 36% are comfortable with the fact that their man is better.

53% of people believe that cooking has now become trendier than it used to be, and celebrity chefs have made cooking seem cooler.

“It’s great that so many men are comfortable in the kitchen and are putting their cooking skills to the test.” The spokesperson added.