Ordinarily speaking, age should never be a yardstick for measuring maturity and readiness for settling with a partner in a relationship or marriage, as we have seen younger women below 25 who show more maturity and better judgment than those older than they are.

However, I have to say that it is a rarity to see women like that in today’s world. More and more women who are younger seem to follow the same line of thought when it concerns dating and settling with a man. This is the reason we seem to see more and more men looking above the aforementioned age bracket when it’s time to settle, and honestly, I wouldn’t advise anyone to do less, and these are my reasons…

* Most women above the age of 25 are more mature and experienced in dating because chances are they’ve probably been with more than one man, and learned from past errors and experiences.

* Most women above 25 are financially independent, and do not have to depend on their man for financial survival.

* With most of these women in their late twenties and early thirties, what you see is what you get. They love you for you, and probably not for your money.

* If you’re going to settle for her because of how good she looks, chances are you’d be surer of what you’re getting into by this time of her life.

* Because she has probably seen it all when it comes to dating, it’s quite rare for women above 25 to cheat.

* Women above 25 show more care to a man than those below 25. You’d actually have to show more care to a woman below 25 than she does you because she’s probably younger.

* Women above 25 are most likely certain what they want in their man, and are ready to make a relationship work, no matter what.

* For a lady above 25, she’s probably done with trying to impress every man that comes her way, and dresses to impress herself more, so there’s little or no chance she’ll look indecent.

* They are bolder. This is probably because they are more mature, mentally; and they can hold both their own, and stand up for their man when there’s need for it.