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It’s good to know you finally got your dream man but you might lose him so quick if you don’t know what your man really wants. Every man expects certain qualities from his woman and if what he expects isn’t there, your man might just leave you.

So I have listed five (5) things most men want.


Men expect their partner to be supportive. Criticising everything about him and trying to mould a new him would only make him run away. Any change you plan implementing on your man should be gradual.


Men act like babies and want to be loved. When a man loves a woman, he expects the love to be reciprocated. Give your man all the attention you can give him cos that’s what he really expects from you.


Every man wants a woman he can trust even a man that cheats still wants a woman he can trust. A man wants to believe he has a woman he can trust that won’t cheat on him no matter what. So if you wanna keep your man, be transparent and open. Make him trust.


Your man would be happy if you can reduce nagging. He understands nagging is part of what makes a woman but he expects you reduce the nagging to the barest minimal. There is nothing a man hates most than a nagging woman.


A man loves bragging about his woman’s beauty so you need to ensure you always look good. A man expects his woman to look good all the time. He wants to know his woman values her looks.

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