Looking good is a direct product of how you treat yourself, and the effort you put in achieving a good-looking physique; after all, they say, ‘no pain, no reward.’ If you do not try, you will not achieve. I’ve got a few tips that can help you be as good-looking as you yearn to be, but remember, it’s important to apply them.


*Smile more. A happy face can never look old. People who smile often are a lot more attractive than those who don’t.

*Wear sunscreen. If you reside in sunny climes, then it’s important to protect your skin against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

*Drink enough water. Health experts say to drink at least, 6 or 7 glasses a day. This keeps your skin nourished.

*Get enough sleep. After the day’s stress, the body and mind needs a lot of rest to function better. Doctors say to get at least 7 hours of sleep a day.

*Exercise more. People who do not exercise age quicker than those who do. Exercising will help your blood circulate more, and help your bones be healthier.

*Eat healthy. Obesity is a product of poor dieting. You can also lose unhealthy weight if you do not eat right. Learn to eat foods that contain all classes of food in the right proportion.

*Take vitamins and supplements your body needs but can’t get from your diet. Some drugs can give you extra nutrients you can’t get from your food.

*Surround yourself with happy and positive people. Obviously, you’re a direct reflection of those around you. The right company runs off the right way, as the wrong one the wrong way.

*Don’t smoke. Apart from the tendency to cause cancer, smoking can also make you look older than you naturally are. The dark lips, wrinkled face, colored teeth…

*Don’t drink alcohol. Alcohol will do to you the same thing smoking would. It could also cause you mouth odour. There’s nothing attractive about that.

*Don’t do drugs. A million researches have all confirmed that drug abuse is a quick way to age. It is also unhealthy.

*Dress right. You’re addressed how you’re dressed. You want to look youthful, you must dress youthful.

*Stay optimistic. All negativity does is make you worried and depressed. If you want to see results, believe in yourself and your abilities.

*Spend quality time with friends and family. These people are your closest in the world. Being around them gives you the chance to laugh more, get things off your chest, and be happy more.

*Try reducing stress. Know when to slow down. Overworking yourself will make you age faster, and probably kill you before your time.

*Listen to happy music. The sort of music you play is important. You can’t play sorrowful music and expect to be happy; where would the joy come from?


Don’t forget to iron your clothes, clean up always, and stay away from trouble.