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*Singing* I love my shoes


I love every pair of it


My shoes are mine


I can never share…


Duuuh… I feel a little naughty today and just wish I don’t get a tongue-lash… Lol. So this is the point where I jump out of my closet and talk about my shoes…? Hmmm (Do I really have any?) I know shoes are the other rave for girls these days. Some girls crave for shoes just as they will equally binge on their favorite chocolate bars. I have been a lover of shoes especially sneakers until I got a drastic decline in this. There are times I can go on a whole month or three without buying a new pair of shoes and that really sucks… Urrrgh!


Let’s get to business. Shoes and labels, does it really matter? Yes it really matters in a way because there are some so-called ‘classy’ ladies out there who always look out for who wore what and I bet you most of these critics are worth nothing more than the cheapest 7,500 stiletto heels that make them walk like a waddling duck in heels (not in spite though). I recently stumbled across a lady who owns nothing less than 30-40 pairs of cute shoes (designer labels) from Salvatore Ferragamo, Steve Madden, Cesare Paciotti, Lauren Jones, Christian Louboutin, Andre Perugia, Pura Lopez, Bruno Magli, Charlotte Olympia… the list goes on. I was surprised because these shoes cost a fortune and she’s delighted to have a stack of them. Now my question to you so-called big chics is do you know these designers? Or you have just heard of the ‘Aba’ Christian Louboutin or even bought them? I’m sorry, did I hear you yell out a “SHUT UP JOR?” Ok, I guess I crossed the line.

My problem with most girls these days is that they all want to meet up even when they can’t even afford their almost finished toothpaste… what a mess that is. You see them all over the place with the most expensive gadgets known to man and their shoes don’t match up. Now don’t sing that song above if you ain’t got the kind that I will crave until I see it haunting me in my dreams daily. I am not a very good fashionista, but I have eyes for the kinds of shoes that a lady should have to for life. If you must have shoes, make sure you go for the ones that make you walk comfortably, it isn’t a must for you to wear 6-7inches heels and look like a toddler in them. Know from this day onwards that there are diffent shoe heels to identify with (platform, aesthetic, stiletto, pump or court shoes) they fall under low heels (less than 2.5 inches), mid heels (2.5-3.5 inches) and high heels (above the actual low and mid); anything above that is mere coronation for the feet and caricature to the wearer.


My big question is how comfortable can you get in claiming what you don’t have and cannot afford? Be real; shoes are not everything, but what matters most is your head and the productive content in it. Do have a great time pondering. You should have at least 10 -12 pairs (sandals, high, mid and low heels) Do you love your shoes? (I mean the ones you have now) then keep them clean and nice looking. If they go bad, try mending it or better still buy a new and better one.

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