Needs and wants are two very distinct words which people think have similarities but are very different. Economics best describes the difference between needs and wants and I think that principle even applies to relationships.

The woman a man needs is an angel or probably even more; she’s a big part of her man’s life, she complements him in every way possible, she means a lot, she’s the one every man craves for. However, the woman a man wants isn’t that bad (that is if you don’t know your worth); she’s like the emergency specialist, she’s never the first in command but she still tries to be thereabout, she’s the one he likes but doesn’t love, she is the one for the short-term and never the long-term, she’s the kind of lady a man refers to with “I like her but…”; there is always a ‘but’.

Where I come from, there is this popular saying to describe two sets of women; one is, “she’s a wife material” while the other is “she’s a girlfriend material”. As short and precise both statements are, they still reveal a lot; one is a woman you need while the other is the woman you want. One funny fact is that most ladies work hard to be the woman a man wants and not the one he needs.

Being the woman a man wants can be fun but relationship isn’t just about fun, the woman a man needs is way more than fun; she’s the woman of many men’s dreams. The woman a man needs is the woman he is scared to lose, she’s the one he falls back to no matter what, she’s the one he listens to, the one he respects and the one he takes home to his parents.

The contradiction between both women is that the woman a man wants fights to keep her man while the woman a man needs have men fight over her. The woman a man wants definitely makes her man happy but the woman he needs is his happiness; the woman he wants might sit at the front seat of his car but the woman he needs owns the house; which woman are you? The one he needs or the one he wants?

Every lady should work hard to be that woman a man needs, the combination of even the wife and girlfriend material. Always remember this; there is no gold for second place; never settle for what’s less.



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