A Few Unusual Date Night Ideas

Couples always yearn for such date night ideas that will help both the partners learn a few things together. Through such unique date night ideas, they will get an opportunity to share their passion and talents together. However, couples often find it to be quite tricky to come up with an unusual date night idea. And, most of the time they get stuck to just a frugal dinner or a romantic movie together. But, it may lead to boredom in the relationship and turns it mundane. In extreme cases, a breakup may also take place when you stick to only a few but repetitive date night ideas.

Here are a few rocking unusual date night ideas that will keep your relationship long-lasting and full of fun:

1. Play Board Games at the Nearest Coffee Shop:

Are you feeling lazy and still want to take your partner to date? Carry some interesting board games or cards and walk towards the best coffee shop. There you will get the opportunity of bonding with your partner over a cup of coffee. You will enjoy the feeling of sipping coffee and nudging your partner to make the next move. It will be one of the cutest date night ideas that you will remember for a long time.

2. Try Different Dresses at a Thrift Store and Capture Photos:

There are various thrift stores that offer scores of outfits. Visit the nearest thrift store together and set the rule of assembling two peculiar dresses for each other. Now try these dresses and capture the photos. You can also decide beforehand whether you will post the adventure on social media or not. It will boost your fun factor and offer you an opportunity to laugh at each other in those quirky outfits. 

3. Indulge in Racy Reading Night:

When you plan to meet together the next time, you can equip yourself with an interesting task. Visit the nearest bookshop and find some titillating yet interesting book stories or magazines. When your date arrives, take out the book or magazine and read the most interesting passage of the magazine in a beautiful location. You can now re-create those scenes and create life-long memories together.

4. Visit an Adventure Park:

If you crave for super fun and excitement together, plan a visit to the nearest adventure park. It will bring the thrill and help you relive your unforgettable childhood days but with the love of your life. You will enjoy the experience of the rides and the cute fights over which ride to take. This has emerged as one of the best ideas to create a unique bonding.  

5. Call Your Date and Watch the Sunset Together:

Invite your partner to your place and watch the sunset together. You can take a walk together or lay back together to watch the sun filling up the sky with a bright red color. You will find it so convenient to bare your heart and feelings to your partner. You can convey everything that you feel about her or maybe she will tell you everything. 

6. Explore the Street Food Together:

Abandon the idea of visiting fancy restaurants and explore the street food culture of the place. As we get older, we tend to move to fancy restaurants. However, it deprives us of exploring the street food culture of the city. So ditch the high profile restaurants with their vast list of multi-cuisine menu and opt for the street food. It will offer an opportunity to indulge in memorable tete-a-tete and bring your closer to each other. 

7. Plan a Fantasy Trip:

Remember when you and your friends indulged in daydreaming about what your future life would be like? Remember the fun and thrill the thought brought to you. And, how you used to plan about your honeymoon after getting married? Now you can repeat it with the love of your life. Visit the nearest book store with your partner and flip through the pages of travel magazines. With these travel books and magazines, you can seek inspiration for your dream trip. Plan activities that the two you can enjoy together. Check the accommodations and beautiful memories that the trip may give you. Decide the types of dresses that you can buy for the trip and indulge in shopping together for the trip. 

8. Create an Interesting Book of Your Love Story:

You can create a book of your best photos together. Put the interesting pictures in chronological order with interesting captions highlighting how your love story unfolded. Spend some quality time sifting through the pictures and look for the best pictures together. It will allow you to relive the happiest days of your life and inspire you to create more such fun-loving moments. 

9. Buy Tickets of Popular Live Show:

For this, you must be aware of the taste of your partner and which band or performer is her favorite. Now check all the forthcoming live shows by her favorite band or performer. Buy tickets for the show for you and your partner. Keep your purchase a secret or offer the ticket to the love of your life in the most creative display. It will create so much fun and excitement and you both will get an opportunity to enjoy the show together. 

10. Write Letters Filled With Adoration: 

You can indulge in some letter writing and keep it hidden under the pillow or wallet of your partner. It will let your partner know how much you care for her/him. The practice will also create a sweet connection between you and your partner. 

11. Organize a Candle Light Dinner on the Rooftop:

You can always plan a candlelight dinner on your roof. Make climbing an easier task with the assistance of a roof access ladder guard. You will love the sumptuous dinner while gazing at the starry night together.


The above date night ideas will create a strong bond between you and your partner. The unique ideas will create beautiful memories for both of you that you will enjoy in years to come. So implement these unusual ideas in your love life and create beautiful and unforgettable moments.