Your daily actions or inaction will either make your relationship better or make it worse.

With every new day, you have the option to make your relationship better or make it worse, and the choice you make will reflect on your relationship.

These are some little things you can do today to make it work:

1. Take time out to reflect, not on the bad but the good. If you give your mind the chance, it’ll play tricks on you; your mind will always show you what your partner is doing wrong and what your partner isn’t doing right. Be in control of your mind today and reflect on the things your partner have been doing right over the years/months/weeks/days. You’d see how much your partner has been doing when you think this way.

2. Now that you’ve reflected on some of your partner’s actions, it’s time to appreciate your partner for some of those things they’ve been doing right.

3. Then, look within you, and this time don’t look at the things you’ve been doing right — look at the wrong things you’ve been doing. If you can take time to honestly reflect, your mind will open up and show you areas you’ve gone wrong.

The human mind is so tricky in the sense that it makes you feel that you are so right and everyone else is wrong. This is a major reason relationships and marriage fail.

4. If you’ve found answers to this, take time to apologise to your partner for every wrong you have done.

5. Look again and ask yourself a different kind of question that you probably haven’t asked yourself beforehand: What can I do improve myself and my relationship?

Seek to improve yourself and make yourself better; in so doing, you make yourself a better relationship partner. Then reason how you can make your relationship better.

6. Ask yourself another important question: How can I communicate with my partner better?

Communication is very important in a relationship; being able to listen, understand your partner’s emotions, knowing what to say and how to say it are all elements of communication.

You should know that a breakdown in communication can ruin your relationship, so always try to make your communication work.

7. Stay away from your smartphone and television a little and spend time with each other. Nothing beats togetherness and physical intimacy.

8. Plan date nights and romantic moments, don’t make it a once in a while act else your relationship will get stale. Let it be regular. Create a buzz/spark always.

9. Say “thank you” often. Never underestimate the power of appreciation. Appreciation makes your partner feel worth it and prompts your partner to do more.


Make your relationship better today, not tomorrow.