It is not a good thing when your love life is unstable, it can have an effect on you emotionally, and this can be devastating. Emotional instability can go as far as affecting other parts of your life; it’s a cancer.

So many things can make one emotionally unstable (relationship wise), ranging from a heart break to a cheating partner to all manner of ills in a relationship.

This article is based solely on love and relationship, there are so many other wide factors that can affect one emotionally and leave him or her emotionally unstable; but since this is our love section, we ought to focus on the relationship aspect.

I bring you nine signs that you are emotionally unstable in that relationship.


You may not even be the angry type, but when your spouse does something little which you would tolerate easily from another person but you won’t from that partner of yours, it shows that something is eating you up in that relationship which is making you emotionally unstable. This has nothing to do with anger management; tolerance is one huge thing to make every relationship work but when you tolerate others and you can’t tolerate your partner in that relationship then it just means something is making you emotionally unstable.

2. WORRIES        

When you are worried about something in your relationship, it’s obvious that you are emotionally unstable. Your mind becomes enveloped into that worry, your subconscious as well. When something in your relationship is always getting you deeply worried, it can make you emotionally unstable.


Sometimes in a relationship, you might just get to that point where you get no feeling from that relationship; there is no emotion whatsoever; the relationship is lifeless, there is no guilt, no love, no trust, no traits of jealousy, no passion, nothing whatsoever. So many people can testify to having been in a relationship and felt this way.


Crying could be as a result of so many things in a relationship; heart break, physical abuse, a bad break up and so on. We all know the feelings of hurt that come with heart breaks, most especially on the part of a lady. The emotional instability that comes with heart breaks and bad break ups are extremely huge and could reduce one to crying emphatically.


So many people tend to go as far as hurting themselves after suffering an emotional scar in a relationship. You may see it as stupidity on their part but it’s as a result of emotional instability, they get so hurt to the extent that they can’t take the pain anymore, they now hurt themselves, passing pain to their physical body in the process and still don’t care. So many people have taken extreme decisions after suffering from a bad relationship, and hurting their bodies is an extreme one.


When you’re in a relationship and you have so many fears about that relationship, it can lead to you being emotional unstable. Fear is a killer and is a huge sign of emotional instability. Fear could be as a result of not trusting your partner or any other scary issues that surrounds the relationship territory.


When one is always having deep thoughts about so many relationship issues, it can cause you to break down and this is in itself can be a huge sign of emotional instability. A cheating partner can leave you thinking at all times, and that can make you emotionally unstable.


When you keep having this feeling of desertion and loneliness, it can make you emotionally unstable. Dejection and rejection are two emotion killers that go hand in hand, and when it weighs one down, it leads to emotional instability.  The feeling of dejection is a big weight that can make one feel terrible.


So many people can testify to having had this kind of relationship where they are always unhappy about something. There is no perfect relationship but a relationship that would make you always unhappy can leave you emotionally unstable. When you can’t derive happiness from your relationship, then it could leave you emotionally unstable.

Rushing into a relationship is a big mistake; it can make you rush into a relationship that would make you emotionally unstable at the end. Emotional instability is demoralizing. Always go into a relationship for the right reasons.