I’m pretty sure everyone would be wondering what then they should do on their first dates, especially after reading  9 don’ts on your first date.

Well, if there are don’ts there ought to be do’s too, and at Elcrema we don’t give half-baked articles; we take it to the full.

There are some basic things we ought to do on a first date; like I said in the previous article, first dates are special and most times people ruin it without knowing; guess that ends today.

Share in the fun as I bring you 9 do’s on your first date


Don’t be restless, don’t be uneasy, just relax and feel at home. When you are uncomfortable, you make the environment hostile and that makes the date futile. But when you are easy and comfortable, your date would feel at ease too, would feel that peace within and would be eager to have another date with you. So the ball is in your court; which option would you take?


Naturally, a smiling face would make people attracted to you and a frowned face would put people off. So if you want your date to be attracted to you then you just have to put on a smiling face and your date would love you the more. A smiling face would make your date feel at ease with you and would probably even want something more special than an ordinary date.


Don’t be too shy to be romantic on your first date and mind you, by romantic I don’t mean flirt. Set her chair for her, clean a crumb on his cheek; just do stuffs that show you notice him/her. But you just have to be original and spontaneous if possible.


Don’t be distracted on your first date; first dates pass a whole lot of message and being distracted is not a good message to pass on. If I take a lady out on a date and she gets distracted way too easily, no matter how beautiful she is there won’t be a second date. If you want to be on a date then be on a date, if you don’t want to be on a date then stay at home. Don’t ruin someone’s emotion because of your lackluster attitude.


Now, this is important. If she dresses good, compliment her outfit; if you love his jacket, tell him you do; if his perfume is cool, compliment it; if you love her bag, tell her you do; if her hair is beautiful, tell her it’s beautiful; if he has a good smile, tell him you like his smile. Complimenting your date would make your date happy and it would lighten the mood. But don’t give a compliment you don’t mean, it just might spoil the whole thing.


When I was in college, I took a girl out on a date and she gave me just one condition to go on a date with me; she wanted to spend only an hour; I obliged. We did the date and for whatsoever reason I was in a lively mood and she probably was too. We ended up spending three hours and we didn’t even know; I had to be a gentleman and remind her that it was getting late (but inside me I wanted the date to go on). That’s one of the best first dates I’ve ever had; it was very lively. The key to an amazing first date is; BE LIVELY.


Now this tip is categorically for females. You don’t know how guys love it when you act sweet. From your looks to your dressing, the way you talk, your smile and everything you do just gets to the guy and he would like you even the more. Be generous with your smile; don’t be shy to blush. Let me tell you a secret, guys love it when ladies blush; so just feel free and that guy may end up booking a million loads of dates with you.


Now this is for the guys, when you take a lady out on a date, be the man; show that you are man enough for her. By being man enough, I don’t mean spend lavishly on her, no. Now let me give another secret; the simple things are what every lady adores. Open the door for her, call her to know if she’s home, stop a cab for her, tell her you enjoyed the date and would always want another date with her; and while on the date be friendly, be lively. Those simple things would definitely keep her in awe of you.


This is one mistake people make on first dates. Don’t try to be a Will Smith or a Genevieve Nnaji just to make a good first date; that’s faking. Just be you, be original, don’t practice anything, just go there and have fun. To me, this is the best advice to give anyone on the first date – BE ORIGINAL.

How I so love first dates; it’s thrilling; no other date can be compared to a first date with someone you admire. These tips above would most definitely make your first date adorable.

Follow these tips and thank me later.